Cosmic League

GENRE: Anime, Shooter | THEME: Anime
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shut down April 2017

Cosmic League, also known as Cosmic Break 2 (if you’re more comfortable with this name) is a free-to-play PC third-person shooter where two teams of Cosmoloids (Humanoids and Robots) enter 10 v 10 battles. You can choose between six classes with approaches that vary from melee combat, mid-range attacks or long-range blasts. The arenas are suited for land and sky movement and there are dynamic events such as a falling meteor that can drastically affect certain arenas.

You can also expect some deep customization that includes part coloring, three different leagues (Rookie League, Prime League and the Master League), an unlock system for you to discover more Cosmoloids and powerful parts gradually, and augmentations for the characters.

This is a fun game with nice anime artwork and characters although the arenas could use some more detail. All in all, it's a fun fighting game with shooter elements.


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