Herokon Online

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Shutdown

Herokon Online is a free MMORPG based on the popular fantasy universe The Dark Eye, usually compared to Dungeons and Dragons. The role-playing game is the biggest one in Europe and was created over 20 years ago. Developed by veteran studio Silver Style, Herokon Online adopts an isometric view to deliver a classic but extremely in-depth MMORPG which will please fans of the original RPG but also those who are looking for a competent and exciting experience.

Herokon Online offers three races to choose from – Middenrealmians, Dwarves and Elves – with the extra of beginning in a different location of the continent of Aventuria. Besides the main adventure and the mandatory quests, there are countless mini-quests to keep players enthralled even if just for thirty minutes or so. All quests are written by experienced The Dark Eye authors and are intricately interwoven with the background of Aventuria. Some quests have different ways to be accomplished, others offer alternate endings and some even include secret extra tasks, making Herokon Online a colossal experience that will keep players exploring for months on end. Combat is of the familiar kind but manages to be exciting, especially when you’re joined by a few friends in some of the most demanding quests.

A compelling adventure with some fine hand drawn 2.5D visuals, Herokon Online seems capable of truly respecting the original work and is one for players in need of a detailed, slow-burning MMORPG which sometimes also plays like a great single-player RPG.


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