Iris Online

THEME: Anime, Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown

Iris Online is published by Gala-Net and is a free MMORPG that takes players to the mystical world of Arcana. The game features a deep storyline and will leave us to explore mysterious places, defeat huge monsters and try to bring peace back to Arcana.

Players start by choosing their races and Iris Online goes down the same route as many other free MMO games. We can choose from Humans, Elves and Hybrids (half-human and half-animal). Each race has its own strengths and classes with more jobs along the line. For example, the Fighter can evolve into a Knight and a Templar. As far as visual customization goes, we can choose the gender and name, along with some facial features. However, the clothes and initial weapon are locked.

One of the distinguishing features in Iris Online is the magic cards that allow the player to transform into a monster. Nearly every monster in the game may be used (even bosses), offering an important buff to our character. Iris Online also allows the video recording of our feats to upload in portals such as YouTube. Iris Online is regularly updated and the first expansion – Tears of Arcana – added a new level cap (65), along with a new dungeon, some new maps and items.

Iris Online is a quality free MMO with some cute anime-style visuals and a polished feel. The universe may not be particularly original, but some interesting features help it stand out from other MMORPGs.


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