Shikihime Garden

THEME: Anime | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Shutdown

Shikihime Garden is a free hybrid browser-based game that combines gardening and collectible card game with RPG elements. It can also be described as an RPG Farmville. In this game, players must collect new cards with the lovely Shikihime, which are girls that possess magic abilities, and use them to battle against numerous enemies. Cards are obtained through turn-based combat and the game doesn’t have booster packs for you to buy – powerful cards may be obtained through time, patience and a dose of luck.

Players must collect the cards and the Shikihime will be found playing, eating and sleeping in your garden. You’ll have to grow your garden and team up with friends to overcome the most powerful enemies and bosses.

Shikihime Garden is a game mostly aimed at fans of anime and those who like to appreciate the cute artstyle of the characters. Combat is mostly automated and quite frankly a bit boring, while the game overall is very slow to develop. Gardening is fun, however, as long as you have the patience to progress in the game.


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