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Survived By info PUBLISHER: Digital Extremes
DEVELOPER: Human Head Studios
GENRE: Action, MMORPG | THEME: Fantasy
PLATFORM: Download
STATUS: Shutdown (April 2019)

Survived By overview

Survived By is a retro-styled bullet-hell rogue-like MMO developed by Human Head Studios and published by Digital Extremes (Warframe). Similar to Realm of the Mad God in style but clearly more polished and “cute”, Survived By includes a particularly interesting mechanic to challenge any player that is looking for a game to test his skills: permadeath.

Every time you die in this game, you’re survived by your next descendant who carries a small part of your legacy with them. This could translate into buffs, stat boosts or special skills. Your new character becomes this little bit more experienced and able to overcome progressively harder dungeons. It's Dark Souls but 8-bit.

Survived By includes some gorgeous pixel art and features fast-paced gameplay, perfectly suited to its bullet-hell ambitions. This is a game that puts gameplay and fun first and foremost.

Survived By gameplay video

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