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August 27, 2012 0 News

Aeria Games just revealed the free-to-play MMORPG Starlight Story, a game where players enter a wondrous world in which magic and technology vie for supremacy, and will be caught in the middle as they embark on a quest to prevent calamity…. Read More »

October 30, 2012 2 News

Aeria Games just announced Scarlet Blade, a free-to-play adult Korean MMORPG that some may know as Queen’s Blade Online. The particularity of this game is that all players will have to step into the shows (and revealing outfits) of female… Read More »

April 21, 2017 1 News

In case you forgot that Bless Online is still coming to North America and Europe, Bless-Source has just reminded you of the fact with an update – a vague one and mostly speculating, but it’s something. Aeria Games has shared… Read More »

December 20, 2016 1 News

The uncertainty with the western localization of Bless Online is probably still fresh in your mind, with the Aeria Games’ Bless Online website down for quite some time and the publisher’s lack of communication leading to some speculation on how… Read More »

December 29, 2016 4 News

Now that Aeria Games has finally confirmed that Bless Online is indeed coming to the west, fans are eagerly waiting for new bits of info about this game. In a short interview with MMORPG.com, Jérôme Nguyen Van Long, the Director… Read More »


AFK Arena Gift Code List | Free Redemption Codes for Rewards

Are you looking for an AFK Arena gift code list? We have redemption codes for you to grab various re...

July 1, 2019 0 News

I had a feeling that Valve’s Dota Underlords and Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics were just the beginning of another trend. A trend that is bound to become even more unnerving than the current Battle Royale situation. While League of Angels… Read More »

September 26, 2018 0 News

Slowly but surely, free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla seems to be veering toward a Super Smash Bros. kind of path. With Ubisoft’s Rayman coming…

March 18, 2014 0 News

Age of Civilization is a new strategy MMO from NGames, publisher of the popular and sexy League of Angels MMORPG and the upcoming Ragnarok Zero. The look and feel of the game will definitely bring you memories of Age of… Read More »


Age of Conan Unchained

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures managed to leave quite a mark when it launched, offering a brutal ...