Top 10 Free to Play MMORPG 2013

So many games to play, so many people to meet and places to see. It can be hard deciding what to do in your spare time but especially so for today's hardcore mmo crowd. With all this noise hopefully we can shed light on a few masterpieces that the gaming community as a whole have been enjoying since their release. MMO's are a kind of game that take time but can be more than worth it. Which game should you spend your time on?

Let’s ask and answer the question, what are the best free MMO's out right now?


star wars the old republic 3

If you ever played world of warcraft, then you would probably feel very comfortable playing here. Much of the game feel and interface is set up like WoW and even the combat carries a very similar & action packed feeling. Star Wars the Old Republic improves on a lot of things many free to play games fail at such as a good single player experience but also very fun player versus player taking inspiration not just from f2p titles but many mmo's past and present. The game was first sold as a subscription based model, so even though it is completely free now, you will still be very impressed with the amount of polish it has compared to many of its competitors.
– > Play Now Star Wars: The Old Republic Free

9 – C9

continent of the ninth seal

C9, or Continent of the Ninth Seal, feels like a fast paced 3d fighter set in an mmo world. Very similar to Vindictus, this game has more of an arcade feel to it but certainly impactful nonetheless. Character creator is something to talk about as it is not bad at all however your actual character animations are a bit stiff for such an action packed game which can be a turnoff for some. This game will have players co-operating to demolish dungeons or a big part of this game seems to be its competitive arenas. What makes this game great is the endgame where dungeons and pvp both ramp up in complexity, variety and difficulty.
– > Play Now C9 Free



This game has such a unique feel that it is easy to get lost playing this brawler MMO. The anime inspiration actually shines through here very well and even though it focuses on a cuter aspect, the game actually has a ton of ferocity. The game plays in 2 dimensions which can be strange to some but makes this game a unique contender in the market. Playing with a few friends can bring out the true nature of Elsword.
– > Play Now Elsword Online Free



Age of Wushu is a different kind of MMO. If you enjoyed Runescape, or other RPG's that did not necessarily focus on fighting or combat, this game will be intriguing for you. It is a martial arts type of game that has a huge amount of social interaction within it. The combat is standstill though there are mechanics in place to allow movement within battle and the standstill combat in this game is actually done very strategically. The game has a big world which can be discovered by double jumping and leaping from mountains and rooftops. The game has a slower pace but it is worth the time especially if you can join a guild. Open world pvp and wide variety crafting are huge draws for players.
– > Play Now Age of Wushu Free

6 – AION

Aion has come a long way from its subscription based days. The character creator for this is probably one of the best. Combat is colorfully done just like the rest of the imaginative faction based world. Similar to Age of Wushu, combat is not the singular focus of Aion and the unique ideas this game brings to the table have really helped the game world and its community flourish.
– > Play Now Aion Free



Neverwinter is a dungeons and dragons game that has a more cartoon and comical approach to the lore more so than other games. While cartoon, it still does not lack action at all. The game has challenging dungeons and even gives players the ability to create their own. PvP is also fun to watch and play with the momentum based combat as seen in games like TERA where the player is not stand still but at the same time not able to free roam during many attacks. Neverwinter has crafting and unique skills between the classes that allow players to feel important in any party similar to DnD online.
– > Play Now Neverwinter Free



Dragon Nest is the definition of impact. The spells are huge, the bosses are horrifying, the pvp is intense, and the story is actually not even bad. If you skip all the quest text, it is still possible to grasp the world and the plots easily with the cutscenes and simple task text that you are given. The game is accessible to casual and hardcore players alike both who like role playing and those who just like to brawl. Dragons Nest also has a very unique pacing between zones and cities. Dragon Nest feels so good at the controls that even simple grinding is literally very fun and the mechanics of the game let it be rewarding with the dungeon difficulty settings.
– > Play Now Dragon Nest Free

3 – RIFT


Rift is big. Very very big. While not the most original, the game does have more depth to it than most mmo's now. Think World of Warcraft, but a different art style. The game takes old ideas and twists them to make them new again and the presentation is what sells it. Monsters fall out of rifts which tear the sky, pvp is explosive and cunning all at once, and the story behind your character and your place in the world is a really cool idea. The class building is great and both pvp and pve is outrageous fun because of it. Rift gets our seal of approval for the constant updates and feedback from the developers which really makes this MMO a living breathing community.
– > Play Now Rift Free


Dark, bloody, aggressive, challenging, some might even say scary. Vindictus is extremely action based but also has a lot of strategy in place between certain bosses and dungeons. This is a mature MMORPG which holds a lot of mystery for those interested in the story. PvP is available but the boss encounters of this game make it worth the play entirely. Not too much needs to be said about this game because it takes very simple ideas, and just hammers them in with such bloody aggression that players are forced to marvel. This game is an absolute riot to play in a party and borderline horror if you play solo.
– > Play Now Vindictus Free


tera rising 1

Our number one goes to the incredibly rich world of TERA. TERA has some of the best combat and it certainly has one of the most original worlds we have ever visited. The classes are all set up uniquely for the skillshot based combat but still holds true to the role trinity we are used to in mmo's with healer, dps, and tank. However, archers need to aim shots, healers need to actually aim to heal, and sword & shield users need to actually focus and time abilities as well. Quests are a bit boring and unoriginal but dungeons and bosses are absolutely stellar. Combat is momentum based and this game actually gives a very good feeling of that. Character customization is also good, plus the races are really unique as well just like the rest of the world. PVP in TERA of course is nothing short of fun and frantic. If you are looking for a game to experience a new, deep world and see new faces and fight new foes, this is the game for you.
– > Play Now TERA Rising Free

So what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below, let us know if how you feel and leave honorable mentions down there for the community to discuss as well. I am sure you will find a good time in each of these games, and hopefully, the start of a new adventure in one of them as well. Thank you for watching and subscribe if you want to learn more about upcoming free to play games that might make our next top ten. See you later.

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