Black Desert Online: Sexy Lingerie & Body Physics – Fanservice Warning (OB Korea)

From Asia is a FreeMMOStation show where we show you the most anticipated MMO games from countries such as Korea, Japan and China. The new Black Desert Online item shop brought a lot more items to the game and some of them are pretty much fanservice. Now you can see the underwear when the armor breaks, similar to Vindictus and other games, so the underwear will be a cool feature to the cosmetic addicts.

As you can see in the video, the underwear has physics both on breasts and butt, but there is a difference between Ranger and Sorceress. Ranger also has thigh physics. Physics aren't always activated, it depends on the gear in a very realistic way. What this means is that if your character is wearing some tight pants, this will be off, while if you wear a skirt it will activate again.

Video by FreeMMOStation editor Rendermax (

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