Dragon Slayer Classes & Character Creation (Open Beta TW)

In this video we go through the initial classes in Dragon Slayer, as well as the character creation system. Dragon Slayer is the new game from the makers of Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom, where players will act as hunters searching for monsters to defeat and use as mounts. This game is often called a chibi Monster Hunter Online due to the cute chibi anime graphics and the gameplay focusing on battling over 200 different mounts that you can use in air, land and sea. While the visuals look remarkably close to those of Aura Kingdom, although a bit chibified, the combat system isn't as action-focused as many would want it to be – it features an hybrid combat system that owes a lot more to tab-targeting than to true action combat. You can jump and dodge though.

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Video by FreeMMOStation editor Rendermax (youtube.com/rendermax).

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