Dungeon Fighter Online First Look Gameplay Video 2015

Dungeon Fighter Online is a classic online side-scrolling beat'em up that was shut down by publisher Nexon in North America a while ago, but developer Neople is bringing back the game in 2015. Here's our first look on the open beta test.

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  • Ruy

    you also need to bind the keys to the controller but it’s great to make old school combos like down down Z or down front Y =D

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    • Renae Cummings

      Or put them in hot keys to fit more skills.

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  • ShadowFang

    Man this thing looks super simple. I’ve never found this appealing, and the fandom around it surprises me tbh. Not that I bemoan it – if you dig it, rock on! Just saying’; you’re not the only one who thinks it’s a harsh looking game, Skylent, that’s for sure. Games like Castle Crashers, Sacred Citadel and Dragon’s Crown have super spoiled me in the years since too, and they all have online modes so you get the multiplayer anyway without them being MMO’s…

    Closers Online looks to be the next big 2D (3D visuals though) MMO brawler in this space. It’s beautiful, really striking, and has cool music and is an overall strong production. I would love to see Neople make a new brawler after GITS Online has been operating for awhile, too. The brawler genre can be really attractive if it’s done well nowadays, and I’m sorry to say that I personally don’t find this browser-game looking title that interesting.

    I grew up with the genre (Streets of Rage 2 fo’ LIFE; Skates is my boy!), so I’d gladly check out a new one. But, like I said, I don’t think this one is what I want and I’m just keeping an eye on Closers Online for now.

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    • Closers Online really looks like the true evolution of side-scrolling brawlers. DFO has quite a following though and it’s good to have it back.

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  • Renae Cummings

    Neople had its fair share of terrible co-horts, Nexon being the worst of them.. but since they went independant when it came to DFO, this game took the smackdown and made a contributing difference in keeping the 2D aspect alive, but with rich backgrounds that are really good.

    Now a lot of complaints were being of Gold Bots, Hackers and other scammers, who generally have had a huge share, other than company failure to fix the game that has been deemed ‘broke’ and chose the cash flow over fixing the bloody thing, who have invaded this revamped version, and Neople has made it clear they want them out. Personally, as a veteran gamer, Lee earned a salute for his remark, though harsh, about people who do those sort of things. It’s not fair and earned the rightful title of ‘scum’. They have an idea on what to do with them, but that’s yet to be revealed.

    The second was being of the FP system “Fatigue Points”. A lot of people hate this and honestly ask for Blitz. My two cents being that they are absolutely right to stick to their guns and implement this system in full force. No disrespect for anyone, but if you run out of points, yeah, you are screwed on that specific character. However, that doesn’t mean you’re fully out of luck from playing. The beauty of this is, is that yeah, when you start off, it eats up quite a lot of points, however, getting up to 30 and 40-ish levels (It’s fast to level, actually, but not too fast.) you’ll see that the points are very slowly being taken in small chunks. There’s a better way around it.. but you may not like that either, by taking a short route and not go into every single room. To me, the system has a charm that says “Look, you’ve played this long, look at the time. Get some sleep and take a break so you don’t get frustrated.” Blitz being placed back is asking for the same cold you just got rid of finally and taking it back. Didn’t like that, right? It’s the same for Fatigue vs. Blitz. Fatigue makes you take a breather so you can get some things done without procrastinating. Blitz is a cold waiting to get you again, even with your counter-effect. Won’t work this time, bro.

    At the same time, this brand of MMO has me satisfied for many reasons:

    1. I don’t have to fight EVERYONE and their mom for the same monster for specific things.
    2. I don’t need a party for a dungeon. (Oh, you will later though.. it gets difficult.)
    3. The crew on this game is spending their every waking moment fixing this game and making it work as it should have before Nexon fucked up.
    4. New classes and totally updated story, music and UI. (I still am a little confused on what just happened in terms of story..)
    5. Mr. Lee. = Holy crap this guy.. I’m scared of him, but I respect him immensely.

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