Elsword High Level Gameplay Video | Level 99 Endgame

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Not many games manage to stand the test of time, and very few of them do so in a proud, unabashed way. Elsword is one of those games, a mandatory topic of discussion whenever someone asks about a recommended action game. If you’re one of the few who still haven’t tried Elsword, give it a go by clicking the link in the video description – you’ll get a great game to play and we’ll get your support, so thanks guys, you’re awesome! High five!

But first, a short description of this game for those who haven’t been paying attention. Elsword is a side-scrolling 3D online action game with a heavy focus on combos and a significant amount of platforms. Although this is far from a full-fledged platformer, you’ll have to learn your way around these platforms as this will strongly affect the efficiency of your combat.

So, where does Elsword stands right now? Well, at the impressive level cap of 99 and with the recently released Elrianode content update. Also, there’s the Hall of El, an important addition to the storyline of Elsword, something that many players are extremely invested in.

Now, our characters were not high-level to begin with, so when the developers offered us a few level 99 characters, we jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day that we get to try the endgame of such a renowned MMO, and seeing the stylish costumes and weapons was reason enough to get us excited. Elsword, Rena and Aisha, as well as the others, have come a long way.

As you surely expect, playing at level 99 is just as enjoyable as it is chaotic. All those skills and combos are going to send tons of health counters flying everywhere, especially when you partner up with three buddies. Also as expected, we sucked and just couldn’t keep up with the pros in this game, the ones that have levelled up all the way to level 99 without cheating.

As we did. We blatantly cheated. It wasn't our fault though.

Practice makes perfect and our few recent hours of gameplay were never going to be a match for the ones that devoted days, months, even years of their lives to create the ultimate characters. Sure, it’s nice to get a boost now and then, and Elsword has the cash shop for everything that you need and even more for what you don’t need, including tons of costumes, but nothing beats learning a game as it was intended. We salute you, Elsword pros with your superhuman skills. We are not worthy of your blinding combo fury.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Elsword provides a nice challenge. It can be time consuming and you need to learn the ins-and-outs to properly clear dungeons and not make a fool out of yourself – some bosses are easy, but others can be extremely hard if your party is just a bunch of dumb guys. Just as with pretty much everything in life, it’s better with friends, so try to get a couple of them into the game with you and things will be a lot smoother, and certainly a lot more fun than going in solo. With several years of content and frequently updated, Elsword is supported by developer KOG Games in a way that recent games could only hope for.

Right now, you’re looking at some high-level gameplay that may seem out of reach to new players, but it’s not quite like that. Levelling up isn’t that hard during the first days, and you’ll quickly realize that your character has changed a bit and unlocked some interesting stuff since you started your adventure. If you keep at it, you’ll have a lot of fun and that’s what matters the most. Elsword is fun; otherwise, it certainly wouldn’t have been around for so long.

With a dozen of characters complete with three class advancements each, tons of dungeons to explore and bosses to fight, uncountable pieces of equipment to play dress-up, and frequent updates, Elsword is still taking on the competition with a confident gaze. The clever mix of anime art style with relentless action, the soothing hub city music alternating with the loud, almost deafening dungeon sound effects, all of this makes for a competent, fun, challenging game that you should definitely play, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to be a pal and use the link in the video description to start playing Elsword.

We’ll leave you with some more gameplay where you can see awesome skills in action… and we’re also there dragging our no-good fighting skills as well. Have fun!


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