Free To Play Unlimited #52: Heroes of the Storm, Bless, EverQuest Next Landmark, Civilization

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and other Free MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode the heroes of Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm are leaked, highly anticipated MMORPG Bless gets a closed beta date and Slightly Mad Studios (makers of Project Cars and the Shift Unleashed games) reveals new racing game World of Speed. The featured first look is EverQuest Next Landmark, the exciting sandbox MMORPG from Sony Online. The Most Wanted game of the week is Civilization Online, the strategy MMO based on the popular series created by Sid Meier. This game is in development at the XLGames studio, the team that brought us the amazing ArcheAge – well, not quite if you're in the US or Europe, since Trion Worlds is still working on that, but still. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


Heroes of the Storm hero list leaked
A leak revealed a few more heroes from Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Four new heroes were discovered in this leak: Sargent Hammer, Tychus, Zeratul, and Muradin. We also got confirmation on Elite Tauren Chieftain, which was rumored but not playable at the last BlizzCon. This leak could also mean that the first Heroes of the Storm beta isn’t too far, but beware of phishing attempts, as Community Manager Cloaken warned players about. If you want to know the entire list as well as the description and abilities for each character then visit our website.

World of Speed announced by Project Cars developer
Slightly Mad Studios, still hard at work on Project Cars, just announced a new and free racing game: World of Speed. This is a “free-to-compete AAA massively multiplayer online action-racing game which introduces a new level of connected competition to the racing genre.” Players will race amazing cars in real life circuits in cities such as London, Monaco and Moscow. The idea is to keep adding cars, game modes and tracks for years to come. Racing will be team-focused, with the option to create Clubs, customize their logos, earn access to a Club garage social hub, compete against other clubs, show off in the Airfield Playground and battle in high-stakes races in Territory Wars.

Bless Korean closed beta begins February 20
The highly anticipated MMORPG Bless is finally becoming a reality. The Korean beta is about to begin. The beta for Bless Online is scheduled to run from February 20th until February 23rd, but if you’re from outside of Korea and thinking about doing the IP thing, then you’re out of luck – the registration process requires some real life information that will keep you out of the beta for good. Anyway, we got a few videos introducing the closed beta and detailing some of the characters, so that’s something already, I guess.

‘Find the Game’ Quiz

This week’s quiz game is a new MMO. Or in fact it is an old MMO. We’re not quite sure anymore. What we can say is that it has a great sandbox feel and looks like those old 8 bit games. The first one to write the answer in the comments (here or on our YouTube channel) will see his or her name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: Civilization Online

With ArcheAge finished for a while now, XL Games is now working in another major project, the strategy MMO Civilization Online. Civilization Online is based on the popular franchise owned by Take Two and created by Sid Meier. This MMO will task players to work together with the aim of building a civilization from stone age to the space age. Engineers, Miners, Soldiers, and Farmers are the first classes available at release, and while players may change classes, this isn’t a good move for character progression. You can count on several aspects that the series is renowned for: researching and developing technologies, crafting items, constructing buildings and great wonders, waging war against other nations, taking on espionage missions and more. The sessions will have some win conditions, such as winning the space race or conquering all other civilizations. Four playable civilizations have been revealed so far: China, Rome, Egypt, and Aztec. This entire new world is built using CryEngine 3 and the results are beautiful and very colorful. While the business model wasn’t announced yet, it is said the studio is leaning towards free to play. The bad news is that Civilization Online was only announced for the Korean market so far, which is disappointing considering the origins of the series.


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