Free To Play Unlimited #53: Harry Potter Online, Black Gold, Tree of Savior, Chroma

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and other Free MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode Harry Potter fans rejoice since Harry Potter Online is in the making, although there's a catch. Spanish studio Virtual Toys reveals MOBA game Pirates: Treasure Hunters, Black Gold Online gets an alpha test date and End of Nations is put on hold. The featured first looks are on Tree of Savior, Nosgoth and Strife. The Most Wanted game of the week is Chroma, the FPS meets music game collaboration between Rock Band studio Harmonix and Hidden Path. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


Harry Potter MMO is in the making
If you’ve been waiting for years for a Harry Potter MMO then don’t lose hope – a game is in the making! But there’s a catch. New studio Bio-Hazard Entertainment is working on Harry Potter Online, and there’s an official site up and running, with some concept art, forums and various content. The team even revealed a developer diary talking about the game and their plans for it. So what could go wrong? Apparently, the project is still pending approval from publisher Warner Bros. The studio is allowed to develop Harry Potter Online up to beta stage and then Warner Bros will give its go-ahead… or just cancel the game entirely. While such a game could bring a lot of revenue, it needs to be of high quality so that the millions of fans don’t feel like it’s just a quick cash-in based on one of the most popular franchises ever. Would you play Harry Potter Online?

Pirates: Treasure Hunters is a new MOBA game
MOBAs are a dime a dozen, but we like to think that some of them are actually bringing something new to the table. That could be the case with Pirates: Treasure Hunters, a MOBA game from Spanish studio Virtual Toys. While the theme at least makes the game look fresh, it’s the addition of different vehicles that add some much needed variety to the mix. The bad news is that currently the release is only planned for South Korea.

Black Gold Online alpha begins March 20th, April Lavigne approves
Fans of steampunk versus fantasy, The Black Gold Online alpha test has a date set: March 20th. Apparently, punk rocker Avril Lavigne is a fan of Black Gold; but we’re more inclined to think she got paid to say some clichéd expressions. This alpha will be by invitation only, so if you didn’t get yours yet, try to fill a survey at the official website to increase your odds. Players will be able to try 8 playable classes from 4 of the races; half from the Steam alignment of Isenhorst and half from the Fantasy side Erlandir. You can also expect crafting, vehicle construction, and instance dungeons.

End of Nations is on hold
First it was an RTS, then a MOBA, and then… nothing. Trion Worlds is putting the troubled End of Nations on hold. While on hold is the official statement, we have a feeling that End of Nations is pretty much canceled. Trion Worlds said that they’re doing this to focus on their other games: Rift, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge and some new projects. End of Nations had a very troublesome development and the last few months of complete silence hinted at something bad. The revamp from RTS to MOBA didn’t turn out well and development has ceased without previous warning. Now let’s hope that Trion Worlds focuses on bringing the excellent sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge to the West.

‘Find the Game’ Quiz

This week’s quiz game is currently in alpha and set in a low fantasy medieval world. This is a free MMORPG that offers raw, non-target combat and plenty of options for an exciting medieval life. The first one to write the answer in the comments (here or on our YouTube channel) will see his or her name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: Chroma

Harmonix, the Rock Band and Dance Central developer, isn’t quitting the music genre, but they’re definitely adding some shooting to it with Chroma. Chroma is a free-to-play music-driven FPS developed in a partnership with Hidden Path Entertainment, makers of CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Chroma is powered by the Unreal Engine and is already accepting alpha applications on the official website. Chroma is said to tie first-person shooter mechanics with the game’s soundtrack, influencing combat, navigation, the battlefield layout and more. The game is team focused and you can choose your weapons according to your music preferences, from electric guitars to synths. If you’re one of those stern dubstep haters, then this is your opportunity to shoot down those fans… virtually, of course. Chroma is expected later this year on Steam.


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