Free To Play Unlimited #46: Nosgoth, Bless, Ultimate Naruto, Naruto Saga, Fear Online

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and F2P MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode the Legacy of Kain returns with the unexpected free-to-play competitive game Nosgoth, Bless gets a few more videos and Naruto Saga is announced. The new First Looks focus on the free MMORPG Ultimate Naruto and the submarine simulation Silent Hunter Online, while The Most Wanted game of the week is FEAR Online, the new episode of the shooter meets horror franchise. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


Nosgoth: new Legacy of Kain free-to-play online multiplayer game announced
The rumors were true, there’s a new Legacy of Kain game in development. Yaaaay! But it’s a free-to-play competitive multiplayer game. Oh well… Nosgoth is a PC exclusive for Steam. Players will enter team-based combat between humans and vampires, all played in third-person. Vampires boast supernatural abilities like flying while humans are more specialized in weaponry. Developer Psyonix says that they’re trying to provide a fair experience that won’t penalize players that don’t spend money in the game, so let’s see how it goes. You can sign up for the closed beta at the official website.

F2P Naruto MMORPG Naruto Saga announced
IceGames isn’t stopping on Ultimate Naruto, it seems. The studio is working on another Naruto game, once again free-to-play, called Naruto Saga. Judging by the first artwork, this browser-based game will be faithful to the Naruto anime, but this time we hope combat isn’t automated as in Ultimate Naruto. Naruto Saga will feature dynamic quest systems based on Naruto plots, powerful Beast Summoning, Arena PK and mysterious Ninja Transformation features. Players will encounter and recruit some famous characters such as Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura and even Naruto himself. Right now you’re looking at some Ultimate Naruto gameplay since all we have so far are the following three screens, but we should have more info soon.

New trailers revealed for Bless
Neowiz released a bunch of new trailers for the highly anticipated MMORPG Bless. If you’re yet to see them, have a look! Some of the trailers from the official website are more focused in technical aspects of the game, but others actually reveal a bit about the game’s look and feel. Here are a few glimpses of the seamless game world, the diverse range of clothes and armor and some combat gameplay. Female characters seem extremely sexualized, but we’re used to it by now, right? As far as combat goes, it probably isn’t going to be action-based, more like a mix with point and click combat, but we’ll wait for more info on this.

‘Find the Game' Quiz:

This one is for fans of shooters. It’s a low profile third-person shooter that actually looks a lot like a poor man’s Gears of War. You can play this on PC, Facebook, Mac, iPhone, Android and possibly on your toaster, but we’re not entirely sure about this one. The first one to write the answer in the comments will see his name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: F.E.A.R. Online

The first Fear game was a huge success. Mixing shooter and horror, it featured a pesky little demonic girl clearly inspired by The Ring movie. The sequels weren’t exactly stellar and we felt like Alma still had so much in her, so much terror to share with us. Luckily, she’s making an unexpected return in Fear Online, a free to play shooter from a Korean studio, and with the US launch already confirmed. The game features cooperative scenarios for up to four players that unfold parallel to the events of FEAR 2: Project Origin, as well as PvP in over ten maps. You’ll fight against other players as well as terrifying monsters. In the Soul King mode, you’ll possess your enemies and use their abilities while you search for new souls. While we doubt it will be groundbreaking, we hope Fear Online does enough to bring back some of the good shooting moments of the original game. Currently in Alpha, we should expect a beta in a few months.


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