Free To Play Unlimited #83: League of Legends, HeroWarz, Blade & Soul, Laplace…

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and other Free MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode League of Legends: Supremacy could be a new card game, HeroWarz gets a cool English site, Blade & Soul is nearing launch, Origins of Malu will be a free-to-play MMORPG and Albion Online did just the opposite, ditching the free-to-play model. The featured first looks are the decent first-person shooter Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online and the very familiar MMORPG Titan Siege. The most wanted game of the episode is Laplace, the upcoming isometric action RPG from the makers of Aura Kingdom and Dragomon Hunter. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


League of Legends: Supremacy is a card game?
Is League of Legends about to do a Hearthstone? There are some clues pointing to a possible card game based on the successful MOBA. Riot Games has recently filed a new trademark for a game called League of Legends: Supremacy, which we’re led to believe it’s an online collectible card game in the same style of Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It’s not a new story, but it gains new strength with the trademark filing in last December. Rumors say that this game could enter some sort of limited testing in a few weeks, apparently reserved for Chinese players to begin with – as Chinese giant Tencent is now the full owner of Riot Games. Are you excited to play a League of Legends collectible card game?

HeroWarz English site opens with beautiful character profiles
HeroWarz is coming to North America and Europe really soon, it seems. This fun action RPG should be playable in the coming months and the official English website has just opened. Check it out, it’s a cool one. A prologue video for HeroWarz was recently release and now it’s time for the official website. In there, you can check the awesome character profiles, which go into some detail – there’s a short description and even some stats such as weight, blood type and birthday, in case you want to save to date to attend or something. Besides PvE, there’s also a PvP mode called Arena TV which is pretty much a 4vs4 MOBA. HeroWarz is a really fun Diablo-like online action RPG with cool anime visuals and we can’t wait to get our hands on the English release. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a specific date.

Blade and Soul launches in about a week
Blade and Soul is finally coming in about a week and NCsoft doesn’t want you to forget about it. If you bought a Founder’s Pack, the head start is almost here. Blade and Soul launches in Europe and North America on January 19, 2016, with the three-day head start for Founder’s Pack owners beginning on January 15. There will be about a dozen servers for North America and Europe each, and Name Reservation begins January 11. After the launch, the Founder’s Packs will be replaced by Starter Packs, featuring a different selection of bonuses and benefits.

Albion Online isn't free-to-play anymore
Albion Online just did a 180º – this sandbox MMO isn’t going to be free-to-play anymore, so yeah, we’ve been screwed. Thank you, devs! It’s not usual to see a game being announced for a year or two as free-to-play and then ditching the plan, but that’s exactly what happened with Albion Online. This late decision will see the game likely turn into buy-to-play. However, the studio said that Albion Online won’t be free-to-play at launch, which hints at a possible turn later on, probably when the playerbase is declining. As you can see, we’re not too happy with this late turn, but do you think it was a good decision?

Origins of Malu will launch as free-to-play
Origins of Malu, the somewhat low profile open world sandbox MMO will launch as free-to-play, it was recently announced. Burning Dog Media has announced that it will launch as free-to-play on Steam “in a staged manner over the next couple months.” The team said that they will drop the price of early access when most of the current issues are sorted out. Origins of Malu is set on an alien world and while there’s some potential, it looks like there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

‘Find the Game’ Quiz

Can you guess which game is about to shut down? It’s a spin-off of a surprisingly successful action game but things went wrong really fast. The main issue with this game is that it’s pretty much a single-player experience when it should have been a huge, open world MMO with plenty of driving and fighting. Oh well, maybe next time. The first one to write the answer in the comments will see his name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: Laplace

When will it stop? X-Legend, makers of Dragomon Hunter have just revealed another game and this time they’re going the hack and slash way. Laplace is the name of the game and as usual for this studio, it has colorful anime visuals. However, now it’s more of an isometric action RPG in the style of ELOA or even Tree of Savior. It will have four classes at launch and six weapons, each one with its own active skills – it is said that the combinations could potentially be over 5,000. There’s also a heavy focus on story, with the bosses being designed around the seven sins. The dungeons are filled with the usual mobs, but they also come with plenty of traps and hazards. There’s no release date so far and while Taiwan should be the first region to play the game, Aeria Games is known to bring some of X-Legend’s games to western territories, so let’s wait and see.


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