Getting to Know… Stranglehold (Free to Play Online Shooter China)

Stranglehold (official site) is a free third-person shooter for China similar to games such as Gunz the Duel and with some hints of Team Fortress 2. There are several classes such as dual gunner, sniper, medic, heavy gunner and more to choose from and the game modes include PvP and PvE missions, some of them where you get to fight titans (both huge and small) as well as little creepy girls straight out of the Ring movies.

From Asia is a FreeMMOStation show where we show you the most anticipated MMO games from countries such as Korea, Japan and China.

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  • Keiko Mushi

    All of the classes look neat, but I am slightly leaning towards Flame Specialist and Blader.

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  • Chan Lian

    u forgot to preview on Vampire mode game play :3
    it’s pretty fun too 😀

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  • ShadowFang

    This looks sick! I love games like this; if it’s a shooter with Eastern flair & style, I’m super into it. It’s cool that we’re getting to a new wave of these games it looks like; GunZ and GunZ 2 are getting kinda long-in-the-tooth.

    I was excited to see Gunslinger Stratos come out of Square-Enix (hoping that one makes it West for sure), and I was even interested in seeing what was up with Age of Gunslingers (a really weird, but solid-looking, Chinese shooter that clearly rips off a lot of disparate things, including Attack on Titan for a multiplayer mode and a main character that clearly rips off the look of Sucker Punch’s “Baby Doll”); this is another one that looks super promising 🙂

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    • Yep, China studios are getting much better but they’re still taking too much “inspiration” from popular stuff 🙂

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