Kritika Online Overview Gameplay Video #2 (English Open Beta 2017)

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For our second Kritika Online video we’ll take you through some more details on the PvE side of this anime MMO action RPG. We’ll be playing a lot more of Kritika, so download the game and join us – find the download link and our info in the video description.

While Kritika Online seems to be rooted in strong Asian foundations, it features that kind of universal appeal that makes it suitable to a global audience. The same can also be said about its gameplay, which is based on a familiar yet addictive template – get quest, fight, level up, become an unstoppable fighter and show your talent at endgame. With many instances aka Danger Zones to go through, Kritika Online offers something for all players – you can play for fifteen minutes now and then, or go head-on and complete instance after instance and enjoy it all the same. This is that kind of game.

We have to stress that this kind of action MMORPG usually comes with some inherent repetitiveness, something that is attributed to the fact that you have to – and definitely should – complete the danger zones in different difficulty levels, with Insane being the one where you’ll reap the better rewards. Playing as part of a group of four players max is the better way to experience the game and to level up and get better gear and rewards. Right now, Kritika has no shortage of players looking to form a party, so you should have plenty of new friends to help you out.

After a short closed beta, En Masse has balanced the Hard and Insane difficulty levels to make sure that Kritika is a challenging game and not a walk in the park. In fact, the publisher wanted the western version to be the hardest yet and while it can be a true challenge, you still get to see a steady stream of players reaching the current level cap of 65. In case you’re wondering if it’s pay to win, we’ve had fellow players saying that they managed it without spending a dime.

Most of the instances are fairly small, and almost all of them have an optional room or two that you can ignore, but we advise you to check it out as it may have some relevance to quests.  Boss fights range from extremely easy to completely insane, it all depends on your guts, your level and your companions. To break a boss and take him down fairly quickly is a task that usually requires some coordination with your companions, spamming him with your abilities and not giving him any time to get back on its feet. When things don’t go as expected, a hit or two can drain your energy and force you to use a resurrection stone, or several.

While combat in Kritika Online has its fair share of button spamming, it still manages to be one of the few action MMORPGs where your skill is actually put to the test. Dashing, jumping, timing, combos, it all contributes to the final result more than sheer luck.

Kritika Online was developed with a fatigue system and while this is also part of North America and Europe releases, it was heavily improved. You begin with 300 Rest Points each day and participating in Danger Zones will decrease them. There are three different rates at which you gain bonuses and the drop rate is also affected by this. However, when you reach zero Rest Points, you can still continue accessing Danger Zones and while you’ll earn less than before, in the other versions you wouldn’t be able to access Danger Zones at all. Also, you can either wait for the next day for a reset, or you can use some items to get more Rest Points. All in all, this is a great improvement for western players.

That’s it for this second take on Kritika Online. As we’ve said before, you can download the game as it is currently in open beta and there won’t be any wipes before launch, so start levelling up and join us.

Don’t forget we will be giving 25 codes for an exclusive costume, so if you want a shot at winning one, find us in-game and let’s go through some danger zones together.



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