Kritika Online Overview Gameplay Video #3 (English Open Beta 2017)

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For our third Kritika Online video we’re going to show you a bit more of this anime MMO action RPG, including some of the vamp class awakening skills. After some time playing this game, which you can download right now using the link in the video description, we’re going to give you our honest opinion from our experience.

As you certainly know if you watched our two previous Kritika Online coverage, we’re giving exclusive codes for an awesome red costume to players who hang out with us and party for some danger zones here and there. The feedback we got from the few lucky players who already received this costume is extremely good, but codes are limited, so hurry up and join us while there’s still time.

As you level up in Kritika Online, you unlock new regions such as the snowy Wolfshadow or the pirate-themed Opportunity Bay. All of these regions have a plethora of quests for you, which usually revolve around killing a certain number of enemies, rescuing a character, destroying a boss or picking up a few objects, among other things. You’ll have to go through the same instances a few times, not only to accomplish these quests, but also for getting better rewards in the insane difficulty level. Going in alone seems like the only option sometimes, but it’s a demanding task and quite frankly not recommended, as you may stumble upon a boss that will make you spend all of your resurrection stones in a few minutes. Creating or joining a party is the best way to do it, as you’ll be able to face the insane danger zones with less risk – your sheer combined force will often leave no space for the tough bosses to fight back.

For the sake of it, we teamed up with a level 65 player – the current level cap – and it was a joy to behold. He pretty much singlehandedly destroyed the entire zone, including the Megacroc boss in two seconds. We’re not joking, our level 51 character looked like a wimp next to this devastating Valkyrie. Levelling up your character is essential, but you can’t neglect enhancing your weapons and armor and socketing gems to earn a series of different attributes.

Oh, pets, of course, we almost forget about those. There are no mounts in Kritika Online and it wouldn’t make sense anyway considering the small size of each hub and danger zone, but you can choose a pet to help you out. However, pets are something of a luxury as you’ll have to buy food for them, and they’re mostly for auto-looting, but they sure look nice next to your character.

We still have a few levels to go until hitting the level cap, but so far our experience was very pleasant and addictive. While we know that things may change in the future, for now Kritika Online seems to be fair both to paying players and free players, and hopefully it will stay like that. Finding players and creating parties is a breeze and the amount of skills, as well as the class advancements provide some refreshingly different approaches to the danger zones. It may get a bit repetitive after a few hours per day, but oddly enough, as soon as we exited the game, our mind started wandering around weapon stats, quest logs and boss patterns. Kritika Online is strangely compelling, somewhat easy when you’re doing things right, but with a high replayability factor. Definitely one of the best free online games of 2017.

Don’t forget that we still have a few keys for an exclusive costume, so find us in-game and let’s clear some danger zones together. Our info is in the video description.

Until next time.


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