Loot Gaming Mad Science January 2017 Unboxing | Portal Resident Evil 7 Psychonauts MegaMan

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We just got the new Loot Gaming crate from January and the theme is Mad Science. Now, we can’t talk about Mad Science without mentioning Portal, the series that features a couple of the craziest experiments ever, and that is one of the games included in this crate. The other games or series featured are Psychonauts, Resident Evil VII and Megaman.

One of the coolest things about this month’s crate is that when it’s flipped, it turns into your very own companion cube. If you’ve played the Portal games, you’ll surely love this little gimmick.

The mandatory huge poster / info card comes with a scene of a beautiful female scientist in a gloomy lab, surely about to perform some crazy science experiments.

This month’s themed pin shows a brain undergoing some wacky surgery that is complete with electric shocks.

The T-shirt couldn’t be more up-to-date, as it pictures the haunting mansion from the Baker family in Resident Evil VII. This game marks a big departure from the series, being the first game in the main franchise to go for a first-person view and the results are extremely convincing, often terrifying, although the game loses some of its steam by the final third. Playing it with a VR headset, on the other hand, is only for the brave.

Some cool stuff comes in the shape of Psychonauts Googles, the same that leading character Raz uses in the 2005 classic game from Double Fine. Wear them to see red – literally – and keep them in good condition as Psychonauts 2 is coming, but probably only during 2018. This is the kind of item taken from a game that doubles as a wearable and also looks good on the shelf.

The next item is from Mega Man, and it’s the Proto Man helmet. This is a fairly small item that comes with a stand and looks OK, but if you’re not a fan of the series then it won’t do much for you.

Finally, we have a Portal item and considering the popularity of Valve’s game (just where is the third game anyway?), we were expecting something big. Alas, we would never had guessed that the item would be a Portal Companion Cube Necktie, a wearable item that certainly looks the part but we would trade it in a hurry for something such as a miniature gravity gun or some kind of Portal figure.

Overall, there was some decent loot this month, but nothing to really make our jaw drop. Maybe a cool figure from Portal or Resident Evil VII could have made it more appealing, but perhaps the Wild theme in February has something special – it includes the franchises Metal Gear Solid, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pitfall and World of Warcraft.



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