Phantasy Star Online 2: What’s Taking You So Long? | Hot Topic

Hey Phantasy Star Online 2, remember us? Yeah, we're still over here in places such as North America and Europe waiting for you to arrive so we can finally play as it was intended, as Sega announced way back in 2012. After all these years, all we've had from Sega was a vague “game is delayed”, but right now we're wondering if a “game is canceled” wouldn't be a better statement to give eager fans a well-deserved rest. On the other hand, Blade and Soul came back to life after being in a similar situation and is now nearing release, so should we keep our hopes up?

So, what could be the reason for this delay? What makes most of these games usually take so long to be localized? Is it related to some visual sensitivities or cash shop issues, or there's something else going on?

Let us hear from you about this topic!

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