SNOW First Look Gameplay Video

This time we take a look at SNOW, a free to play open world winter sports game (in early access at the time we made the first look video) where players may explore a massive open world mountain on skis or snowboard. Watcha Playin'? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

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For riders by riders, SNOW is a free to play multiplayer snow sport game that puts players in an open world environment to have all sorts of cool fun. Right now, the game is focusing entirely on the ski sport, but snowboarding is also promised. The item shop is filled with awesome winter gear to outfit your player, with a promise of much more to come. SNOW is available on Steam early access, however, I have to honestly recommend to not purchasing it right now as it is lacking a plethora of features and is very buggy.

In fact, in its current state SNOW seems more like a prototype of what the creators wish to achieve. While I do recommend keeping an eye out for this title, it is absolutely a waste of money to purchase this game out of curiosity, unless you are fully aware of its status and just love the genre. SNOW does run on the CryEngine, so it looks great and plays great… well, when it’s not freezing. Controls are a bit lackluster but then again, everything could change and probably will. I would like to see snowboarding and snowmobiles as well as hangout hubs like cabins where players can meet up with, but besides snowboarding, all this is just speculation and hopes. While SNOW is multiplayer, there will be offline components to the game.

Overall, I have high hopes for this title and I want to stir up excitement for it, but the early access is really a letdown and should be avoided for now, unless, like me, you really want to support the developers and help them turn SNOW into the game they certainly envisioned.


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