Stormthrone First Look Gameplay Video

This time we'll be taking a look at a game called Stormthrone, it's a free-to-play browser-based game published by R2Games, the same guys behind Wartune and Zombies Ate My Pizza. As usual, We'll go through the game and show you some of what it has to offer, so let's go ahead and jump right on in!

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Stormthrone is a browser-based RPG that isn't really anything new. That being said, I actually quite enjoyed this game since unlike some other browser games I've played, this one actually doesn't play itself and the combat is pretty fun. It does allow you to auto-path to the next NPC in order to make things easier. But it's not a requirement and you're free to explore as you go. There are six playable classes; Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Hunter and Paladin. As far as class names go, there's nothing really original to it and you can pretty much tell what the classes playstyle is just by the title. Paladins being support/tanks and Priests being healers, etc. I chose a hunter for my playthrough, a pretty standard DPS class.

Character creation wasn't anything special. You could only choose your class, Male or Female and your name. It does have a random name generator which created some pretty hilarious names though, at one point I had the name BossAbs for my hunter, but playing around with it a bit more I decided to go with QuitDit. Something just seemed right about that name. Your characters armor also starts off looking like high level gear, so by endgame you'll probably look like a cactus with all the extra spikes.

In the sense of a browser-based game, it's pretty standard. You've got your basic sort of interface, game icons that ask you to buy things, quests and the usual. What I did enjoy actually, was the comedic twists they tried to put on the quest names. Example, around level 4 or 5 I received a quest named Thug Life, which isn't pertinent to the gameplay but it did make me chuckle. It's little things like that, which for me, make the game more enjoyable. The combat was fun, it wasn't just point and click, you actually had projectile based attacks and enemies do have a hitbox. So if you don't time your attacks properly or forget to target an enemy, the attack will miss and you'll have wasted MP.

I also liked how there were boxes and crates scattered around the maps randomly that could be broken open for extra loot, mostly gold. It adds an element of freedom to the game, and it also helps to relieve some of the violent tendencies that I happen to get when I see a rogue crate just hanging out in the middle of nowhere. Traversing the map was simple, even though the game seemed to think that physics didn't apply in certain areas of the map where there appeared to  be a glitch in the pre-rendered backgrounds.

The game does suffer from a constant low framerate which I think has to do with the way the characters are animated, since I wouldn't exactly call it smooth. The characters look 3D, but I'm going to take a guess that like the background, they're also pre-rendered sprites. The audio quality isn't very good either, everything sounds kind of muffled. They also took an interesting approach to the cash shop, when you defeat a boss they will drop Free Pyrum. Pyrum is the currency for the cash shop, and the free Pyrum you can get from bosses can be used the same way that regular Pyrum is used, with a few restrictions. All items bought with free Pyrum are bound to the character, and you can not use Free Pyrum in the auction house. I personally like this approach since it sort of levels the playing field between people that spend money on the game and people that want to have the luxury of cash shop items without the need to pay.

All in all, Stormthrone is what it is, you've played games like it before. They want you to spend money on the game, but this is one of the few that actually offers an alternative and doesn't play itself.


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