TERA: Fate of Arun Guild Update Gameplay Video

The Fate of Arun expansion for TERA was released just a couple of months ago and this acclaimed action MMORPG already received a major guild-focused update. This update brings a lot of improvements and one of the highlights is the skycastles feature. Skycastles are customizable abodes hovering over two of the games major cities. Guilds compete for ownership of these prestigious symbols in the new “Crusade” system, which pits guilds against each other in leagues for both PvP and PvE content. The top 10 guilds in each league earn one of these impressive palaces for the duration of the next Crusade, which lasts four weeks.

This update also brings the new Sky Cruiser Endeavor dungeon, where you'll attempt to regain control of the Valkyon Federation's most advanced warship from marauding demokrons and face three colossal bosses: Putrion, Perimos and Darkan. There's also a hard mode of the popular underwater dungeon, Bathysmal Rise, where only the greatest guilds will have any chance of succeeding.

TERA has a lot more updates planned for 2015, including a new ‘gun-toting' class.

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