Treasure Arena First Look Gameplay Video

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Treasure Arena is extremely fast paced and incredibly fun if you're looking to kill some time. You are not tied to an account here, you just give yourself a name and jump right on in. Of course, not having an account could also be a downfall as it doesn't keep track of your K/D ratio's (for those of you who like that stuff) after you log out. However the game is currently in beta, so this could change in the future.

There are 3 playable classes; Warrior, Rogue and Mage. For the most part, each class plays the same. I haven't been able to find much information about the game on their website so for the most part I'm making assumptions here. I believe, each class does differ in the way they use items. For example, the Rogue is better with the bow than say, the warrior. And the mage is better with the wand, so on and so forth. One of the cool things about this game is the variety of items you can get. You can get bombs, rockets and even shotgun shells to shoot at your enemies. It really makes things pretty exciting.

You move around with WASD and you aim with your mouse. Your attack button is your left mouse, and you can block with the right mouse button. When you pick up an item, it will automatically equip it and will become your primary attack. If you wish to conserve the ammo of the item you just picked up, you can switch back to your default weapon by pressing 1. There are 6 total slots available, 5 of which can have different items assigned to it. you press the designated button in the items slot to equip your items to your primary attack.

Matches don't take long in Treasure Arena, the goal of the match is to obtain as many coins as you can before running out of time. You can obtain coins by killing players, monsters and by opening treasure chests. You also are not forced to play with other players, you can set up each opponent to be AI controlled if you so choose (which is what I did for this video since the actual in-game population was about 10 while I was playing). There are 6 playable maps as well, so you don't have to play on the same map each time you jump into a match.

While in a match, each player has a certain amount of HP and Stamina. When you run out of HP, you will die and have to wait a few seconds to respawn. Stamina is the yellow bar that hovers over your characters head. It actually took me a few matches to figure that out, because I thought that was my life meter at first… I figured that out after the bar had refilled and I died in one hit soon afterwards… but anyways. Your stamina drains by attacking and using items, so keep your stamina gauge moderated, running out of stamina in the middle of a high tension brawl can and most likely will be your downfall.

There are a few things you can do to dodge other players that are shooting projectiles at you, like sprinting. Sprinting is done by double tapping the direction in which you're moving. You can also jump over projectiles by pressing the spacebar. There isn't a cash shop, you do have to sit through an ad occasionally, but I would prefer that over a paid advantage any day. I'd give it a shot, there's no commitment to it and it's really just hardcore, fast paced retro fun. There's no harm in it!

Overall the game is incredibly fun, and I can only imagine it'll get better with time.


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