Unreal Tournament First Look Gameplay Video (Pre-Alpha)

The classic shooter series Unreal Tournament is making a strong comeback in 2015 once again thanks to Epic Games. The studio is taking a very open and commendable approach to the development of this new episode, taking feedback from gamers and allowing modders to participate in the creation of content in a way that few AAA games have done before. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Tournament is in pre-alpha at the time of this first look but the one map that is already fully playable and textured, Outpost 23, is quite frankly visually stunning. As far as gameplay goes, it's the good old UT, with fast-paced combat, excellent level design and twitch gameplay that won't let you pause to think about your next step. This is going to be one of the best first-person shooters of 2015 and beyond, if the current indications are something to go by.

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