Villagers and Heroes First Look Gameplay Video

This time we take a look at Villagers and Heroes, a free MMORPG that was previously known as A Mystical Land and was recently revamped. Watcha Playin'? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

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Similar to Wizard 101 or Toontown, this is a social MMO focused on a younger audience. It has a very charming look to it and honestly it made me realize that we need more cell shaded MMOs and cell shaded games, period. While there is really nothing in terms of character customization in regards to appearance, players are able to pick up different skills, though combat is really not what makes this game at all and it is actually kind of bad.

What makes Villagers and Heroes what it is would have to be the village aspect. Players can have custom decorated and placed houses and can join villages which have its own player mayor. There is crafting as well as a side of the usual MMO combat stuff. Really, this game reminds me of Second Life where it is far more focused towards player chat than anything else.

The F2P aspect is complemented by life currency transactions which I actually found unappealing in this case. Instead of giving content such as skins or DLC, you are limited in certain areas such as crafting and travel. You cannot freely waypoint around like in Guild Wars 2 but instead must use real money instead of in-game currency. Also, crafting can only go on for so long before you deplete energy and then you either have to wait for it to restore or pay money to restore it for you.

While the game is social based, it is tragic to me to see that most of what you craft is also focused on combat, which would be fine if the combat was at all enjoyable. Standstill combat with no real combo system and the visual effects are nearly nonexistent.

There are other games that do social engineering better since they have a plethora of mini-games like Guild Wars 2 or Wizard101, but this game at least is a good attempt and perfectly worthy of someone’s first MMO experience and it would even be enjoyable for a chaperon because of the comfortable and cute graphics.


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