Warside First Look Gameplay Video

This time we'll take a look at a game called Warside (official site). It's a free-to-play side-scrolling shooter published and developed by Kraken Games and is currently in an early access phase on Steam. As usual we'll spend a few minutes checking out the game and showing you some of what it has to offer, so let’s jump right on in!

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Warside is a side-scrolling shooter reminiscent of classic side scrollers like Contra or Metroid. The game has a futuristic atmosphere that doesn't look too bad. With it being in early access, I won't be as critical as I would normally. The game is riddled with bugs and glitches, there was a couple of times while playing that I'd get stuck in parts of the map or my character would seemingly spaz out for no reason. Warside doesn't feel very polished either, there's no sound effect for bullets hitting an enemy, unless my volume is just down really low. The animations are pretty stiff as well, and the jumping physics…

Don't even get me started on those!

I do like how there's variety to your characters though. Not necessarily aesthetically, but the way you can build your character. There are four playable characters… uhhhh… classes? Characters?!? I don't really know what to call these… There’s Faceless; with his double jumping abilities; Huntress, with her dashing abilities (hehe); Guardian, with his anti-gravitational floating capabilities, and the Mercenary with his jetpack. I was only limited to creating two characters, so I'm not even going to bother showcasing all of them, especially since the game wanted me to buy additional character slots. The class names pretty much define the character’s playstyle: Assault, Defender, Destroyer and Infiltrator.

Once you create your character there's a short tutorial that tells you the very basics of how to play, and then you get thrown in to the main menu/lobby area which is where you'll do most of your customization. The game has some RPG elements, a leveling system, equipment (with stats!) and even a skill system. Each class has three possible skill paths that vary based on what you chose, but they can be anything from focusing on your equipment/attack power to assisting your team. I like that the game offers these options, as it beats the usual “Level up and prestige!” type systems that we usually get.

You move around with WASD, you jump with W or spacebar and your crouch with S. You use the mouse to aim, you can also move the mouse away from you to move the camera and look further ahead of you or behind you. There are four games modes, two PvE modes and two PvP modes. The PvE modes are Siege, which I have yet to join a game successfully because the queue seems to take forever to fill. There's also a mission mode, which your team will have to do various missions and kill bosses to complete. The PvP modes are Demolition, which I also haven't played but I'm guessing it's similar to most other demolition matches, and Team Deathmatch, which is exactly what it sounds like, your traditional “Kill anyone that's not on your team” game mode. It's really pretty fun though.

As I've already mentioned, the game is in early access. Which means it's not complete and anything talked about here could possibly change entirely in the future. So far it's not well polished, but the game is playable and I actually quite enjoyed the time I spent in the game. I didn't play all the modes and didn't get to try every class, but the ones I did play were really good for an incomplete game. I look forward to seeing how the game could potentially change in the future.



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