World of Warships First Look Gameplay Video

This time we'll be taking a look at a game called World of Warships which is currently in closed beta and is developed by, the same guys who brought us World of Warplanes and World of Tanks. These game titles just spew originality! As usual, we'll spend a few minutes showing you the game and some of what it has to offer, so lets jump on in!

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Ah… World of Warships. A game where you can live out every sailor's worst nightmare all in the name of good old fashioned entertainment! I hope you guys weren't expecting a battleship simulator, because that is not at all what this game is. That doesn't make it bad though, it's still quite an enjoyable experience. I'll talk a bit more about what this game has going for it in a few minutes. I want to talk about this title though, World of Warships: Does that literally mean the world is nothing but Warships, and if so; are the Warships sentient? These are the burning questions I'd like to have answered ASAP! But seriously, A world full of sentient battleships would be like a slightly more disturbing version of Thomas the Tank Engine… Well… Maybe not.

World of Warships was actually not as complicated as I had thought it was going to be, for the most part the combat is simplified. Although, this isn't Call of Duty, so I don't recommend going in blindly shooting at everything you see. This is one of those games where coordinating with your team will make all the difference in a match. In the time that I spent playing the game, I didn't actually coordinate with any of the teams I was thrown into. For one, it was all randomized, and two, modern day online gamers seem to have no interest in social interaction with other randoms. It is what it is, and we still won matches! But having a full team working together would be so much more epic, you'd get to live out that fantasy of being the bad-ass naval captain you always knew you could be!

There's quite a few different types of ships you can get in World of Warships. There's Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and even Aircraft Carriers! You unlock different types of ships through the tech tree, as well as upgrades. You start off being able to choose from two cruisers, an American Erie, and the Japanese Katori. After playing around with both of them, I began to favor the Katori. The more times you play as a ship, the more EXP it will gain which you'll be able to use on the tech tree. ExP is not universal, it's tied to the ship you're using, so choose wisely. On top of gaining EXP, you will also gain Exchange credits which act as a currency. Exchange credits are used along side EXP to purchase ships and upgrades, but you can also trade in exchange credits for Tokens, which is the cash shop currency. This means with enough play time, you'll be able to get anything a paying player can get. I'm not sure what that is though, since the game is in closed beta.

When in a match, you can move your ship around with WASD. You don't have to hold down the W or S keys to move, you just choose the speed in which you accelerate as indicated by the icons next to your mini-map. You can also turn left and right by holding down A or D, however like accelerating, you also have the option of choosing how hard you want to turn by using Q and E. This way you can focus more on hitting your enemies and worry less about how many fingers you'll have available to pull off your next attack. You can zoom in by using shift and you do need to lead your shots if you plan to hit an enemy ship, however you don't have to worry about aiming above or below an enemy to hit them, just aim the crosshair directly at the enemy you wish to send to Davy Jones locker and fire!

So how do you stay aware of your surroundings while zoomed in, you ask? Well, that's what the right mouse button is for! Tell'em Jim! That's right Ed, for the low, low price of absolutely nothing, you can press the right mouse button while zoomed in to take a look at your surroundings without losing the position you were aimed at! Fantastic, thanks Jim! If you want to avoid incoming enemy missiles, the best way is not to try and outrun them, seeing as you need to lead your shots to land a hit, the same thing is happening to you. Instead, try turning your ship towards incoming fire, this will make your ship harder to hit since your ship is thinner from the front.

There's currently only two game modes, and no PvP. All the matches are co-op vs AI. There's a Team Deathmatch type mode, and a capture and hold type mode. Overall, There's a lot that this game needs, but since it's in closed beta a lot of stuff is planned and going to change anyways. The time I've spent in the game was really enjoyable, I didn't expect to like a naval warfare game like this, but I did. It's basically the digital equivalent to the battleship table top game. In fact, it's exactly like that, but you only control one ship instead of a fleet.


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