Villagers and Heroes

THEME: Cartoon/Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Villagers and Heroes is one of the first free-to-play MMO games to be available both on an Internet browser and on the popular platform Facebook. Thousands of players may enter this medieval fantasy world with a cheerful vibe similar to those of Flyff, Free Realms and Wizard 101 and experience great adventures, fighting hideous creatures or just relaxing and fishing near a peaceful river. Start by choosing one of the four available classes (warrior, mage, healer and archer) and customize the body, face and hair of your hero. Then it’s off to this mystical land.

In Villagers and Heroes, the job system is one of the main attractions – there are absolutely no restrictions like those usually seen in other free MMORPGs. If a player wants to be a cook, blacksmith, tailor or others, he just has to learn the craft and become talented to perform it. There’s a deep level of interaction in the game world, with the player able to interact with other players, NPCs, animals, but also things such as trees, lakes and pots.

But there’s more to Villagers and Heroes than working and strolling around the colorful world. Fighting is an active part of the game, and each fight helps the player become stronger and learn some special skills.

Villagers and Heroes doesn’t feature the most attractive visuals or the mostly original gameplay. It does feature, however, a host of social features that may please the younger crowd.

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