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December 24, 2017 0 Cosplay, News

The South Korean cosplay team RZ Cos has taken to Black Desert Online for inspiration and in particular to the Witch class.

August 17, 2016 1 Cosplay, News

Cosplayer MEME is known for her great work in games, animes and movies, even going as far as cosplaying Elsa from Frozen. We’re more interested in her work with NCSoft’s Blade & Soul, something that she does regularly. You can… Read More »

January 25, 2016 5 Cosplay, News

Blade and Soul is finally out in North America and Europe and while the queue issues are slowly being worked out, many players are already enjoying this free martial arts MMORPG. One of those players is known as Lillipie and… Read More »

February 12, 2017 1 Cosplay, News

While discovering the new SoulWorker cosplay Hammer Stol, we stumbled upon what apparently is an older work by the Spiral Cats, but as Blade & Soul is still one of the most popular MMORPGs around and the cosplay is as… Read More »

November 27, 2017 2 Cosplay, News

Brown Dust is a new mobile game by Neowiz and it has just gone through the Spiral Cats treatment, which is always amazing.

December 25, 2017 0 Cosplay, News

Last Christmas I gave you my Blade and Soul Warlock Christmas-themed cosplay, that is what Team CSL would probably say next year.

January 27, 2016 1 Cosplay, News

Just a few days after we posted the impressive cosplay work of the Spiral Cats on three Civilization Online characters (Princess Mia, Achillia and Wang Zhaojun), the talented South Korean team has just revealed another cosplay, once again for XL… Read More »

May 4, 2016 4 Cosplay, News

Doremi from the South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cats has revealed another stunning creation, this time cosplaying the female slayer character from Dungeon Fighter Online (or the female ghost knight from Dungeon & Fighter if you prefer the original names)…. Read More »

May 18, 2016 1 Cosplay, News

The Spiral Cats cosplay team from South Korea is at it again, with another amazing display that mixes the usual beauty with the attention to every detail. This time it’s a character called Kodelriah from the mobile shooting game Eternal… Read More »

June 5, 2018 0 Cosplay, News

Today is another Spiral Cats day as the beautiful Doremi stars as Karen, the dual-gunner from the anime action game Honkai Impact 3rd.