AdventureQuest Worlds

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

AdventureQuest Worlds is a browser-based MMORPG from Artix Entertainment, makers of MechQuest, DragonFable and Hero Smash, and just like those games, it’s also free. It’s all very familiar, from the fantasy world to the need to create a character and fight fearsome enemies, becoming a hero. The player has no need to download anything, it just takes a few minutes to create an account and start playing.

To gain experience and level up, acquiring new skills, the player has to explore the maps, visit the towns, talk to NPCs and, most of all, perform quests and slay some monsters. That’s the fundamental of AdventureQuest Worlds, and by association, most of the other MMORPGs. Since fighting is a big part of this free MMO game, it’s a good thing that it’s such a simple affair.

The game features some humor, seen in some of the ridiculous/hilarious plotlines and the oversized weapons. The rest is familiar stuff, with character customization available, from armors, weapons and helms, and the possibility to change classes at any time.

AdventureQuest Worlds is an interesting suggestion in the browser-based MMORPG genre, a polished game that repeatedly drives thousands of players online.

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