PUBLISHER: ClapAlong | DEVELOPER: ClapAlong | GENRE: Strategy
THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Batheo is another free strategy MMO in the style of games such as Evony, Caesary or Empire Craft, focusing on city building and army warfare. The story takes some liberty on the mythological setting, adding heroes such as Robin Hood to the mix, so it’s best to go for suspension of disbelief before playing the game.

A map-based narrative forces gamers to accomplish all the challenges available before moving to the next map, with a selection of NPC heroes that have to be defeated. This will strengthen your character and prepare him for tougher missions ahead.

When in battle, the player may choose from 8 historical formations, going for the one more appropriate to the moment. Special units may provide some important boosts, such as more damage or healing, so choosing the right formation and setup of the troops is essential to win. Every defeated legion will leave a hero that can be recruited to our ranks, and the higher our prestige, the better heroes we can get.

Batheo doesn’t bring anything new or particularly alluring to the genre, but it can be interesting to those willing to spend quite some hours with it, and aren’t already tired of similar games.

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