PUBLISHER: Aeria Games | DEVELOPER: NGames | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Anime, Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

DDTank is a casual browser game where you and your friends get to control some anime-style characters and use a vast arsenal of weapons and strange objects to throw at your rivals. There’s no secret whatsoever to DDTank’s gameplay, since it’s similar to that of the famous series Worms and of the free-to-play game Gunbound.

The simple yet charming graphics allow for a lot of players to join, even those with weak configurations. Gameplay is easy to get into and addictive, with responsive controls and a clever mission system.

To move your character during the battles just use the left and right keys and to adjust the shot angle use up and down. Hold the space bar to control the shot power and release when you think it reached the necessary power. You have to take into account the wind direction and strength, the weight of the projectile and the remaining energy. When the battle is over, each player will receive experience points based on their performance.

DDTank is a fun game and perfect for a quick play here and there. It’s neither very original nor ambitious, but offers some entertaining moments.

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