Freefall Tournament

PUBLISHER: Free Range G. | DEVELOPER: Free Range | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Freefall Tournament was developed by Free Range Games and is a free to play online third person shooter game. This game is a team-based battle suit combat game with a high speed gameplay. It allows the skills of the player with jetpacks, hammers, guns, armor, swords, and bombs to determine the winner of this PVP tournament. Players can also choose to fight as one of the four growing casts of classes in the ten to twenty minute matches.

The Gunner focuses on support and equips both a classic Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. The Gunners abilities’ include a toggle-able precision, and a spinning, jumping attack that knocks back their enemies and deals variable damage. He can be played as either a sniper or an closer range attack/support character.

The Scout equips a Submachine Gun and a Doped Saber. He takes advantage of his turbo boost ability allowing him to navigate the map at top speeds and also has a secondary ability, a fast flying kick that deals both damage and some knock back. Unfortunately he has the lowest health of all the classes so he must rely on his speed and agility to stay alive.

The Tank the heaviest class in the game but also has the highest health of all the other classes. His primary weapon is a Machinegun, followed by his secondary weapon, a large Blitzkrieg Mauler which can be used in defense as well. He has a neutron shell which when active grants him immunity from all incoming damage. His melee allows him to charge with his shoulder. He specializes in surviving damage, but is the slowest of all the classes.

The Tech is an engineer with the ability to place down defensive suppressors and a melee which is simply a kick that throws back enemies dealing minimal damage. His weapon is a Pulser and a Repair Beam which replenishes his ally's health.

Freefall tournament is the prequel of Freefall Arcade (a survival shooter game). This game was created in response to a demand for PVP shoot outs and has earned high ratings since its launch.

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