Knight’s Fable

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Open Beta

Knight's Fable is a free MMORPG that features all the staples that fans of MMORPGs know and love, including an expansive loot system, lots of gear to customize your character, heroes, beasts that you can train and a PvP arena.

In Knight's Fable you'll be able to raid dungeons and get epic loot to create amazing equipment sets. Rare gems will improve your equipment and help you defeat your rivals. Capture wild beasts and train them to help in battles. Each one of the beasts has unique skills and the rarest beasts will make you become feared by every player.

Visit the realm's many taverns to recruit hundreds of unique Heroes, each with their own skills, stats, and special abilities! Level your heroes, teach them new spells, and form your ultimate battle party to fight against evil and other players in the arena.

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