League of Angels

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

League of Angels (not to be mistaken for the worldwide free MOBA League of Legends) is a free fantasy MMORPG featuring isometric visuals and a world that is definitely colorful and often beautiful to look at. The most noticeable feature of this game is the artwork, which unfortunately, as is often the case with free browser-based MMO games, looks amazing in the website but is put to very limited use in the game itself. We do see a few images of the angels, apparently not really interested in properly covering their feminine parts, so if you’re a player who is drawn to games based on the sexy artwork, then this is a game for you.

As for gameplay properly said, League of Angels plays a lot like other F2P browser MMORPGs, meaning that you accomplish quests mostly by using the auto-pathing and then enter 2D combat against several different creatures. Your angels are a lot like the pets from other games, but here you’re capable of upgrading several stats on them, including skills and perks. As usual, the battles are automatic and initially last only a few seconds, but later you’ll be able to make formations of your characters and use some skills. This is a system that is used in a lot of games and you’re probably already familiar with it. It’s very casual, as well as the entire game, and could use a lot more interaction in order to spice things up.

League of Angels includes the mandatory PvP option, which even allows for cross-server PvP. Game modes include 3 vs. 3 arena battles, 5 vs. 5 king of the hill, or even 10 vs. 10 capture the flag.

Despite all the admittedly impressive eye-candy, League of Angels doesn’t try to separate itself from a lot of other browser MMORPGs that do exactly the same thing but with a different setting, such as Pockie Saints or Alfheim Tales Online. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for such a game and if you’re in a casual, I’ll play for 30 minutes to kill time, kind of mood.

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