League of Angels 4 Heaven’s Fury

League of Angels 4 Heaven's Fury

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info PUBLISHER: Youzu Interactive | DEVELOPER: Youzu Interactive
PLATFORM: PC | STATUS: Final (April 2020)

League of Angels 4 release date and info

League of Angels 4 Heaven's Fury is the next game in the popular League of Angels series. Developed by Youzu Interactive once again for PC, this new browser-based game requires the download of a small plugin to install the game and enjoy its 3D graphics.

League of Angels 4, as it can also be called, follows on the familiar path set by the previous and extremely successful games in the series. Like League of Angels 3 and the others that came before, the League of Angels 4 game is likely to be digitally distributed by countless publishers all over the world, as the popularity of the franchise is sky-high.

The League of Angels 4 classes aren't groundbreaking, as the game only offers three at the time of writing. You can pick between the Archer, Wizard, and Dragoon, the three of them boasting the kind of blinding aura and massive wings that these heroes are usually known for.

The angel system returns and it would be strange if this wasn't the case. Once again, you can recruit angels to form your team, building your battle rating and permanently increasing your attributes. You can choose one Angel of Light and one Angel of Darkness to summon and fight by your side, and the more angels you obtain, the more you stack on combat power and angel's attributes.

The League of Angels 4 Heaven's Fury closed beta took place during December 2019, with a release date scheduled for 2020 on PC. You can expect the usual array of PvE and PvP game modes from this title, including the eternal tower, wings, holy artifacts, mounts, and more instances than you can count. Head over to the official website if you want to give it a shot.

League of Angels 4 gameplay

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