Might and Magic Heroes Online

PUBLISHER: Ubisoft | DEVELOPER: Blue Byte | GENRE: MMORPG/Strategy
THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Might and Magic Heroes Online is a free-to-play MMORPG with strategy elements based on the legendary Might & Magic series originally created by New World Computing series. You can play this game directly on your browser and fight thousands of other players.

Unusually for browser-based games of this ilk, Might and Magic Heroes Online has quite a lot of depth to it, with role-playing elements that make your character evolve with different abilities, but the most remarkable aspect is the turn-based combat where you really can influence the outcome of a battle – your tactical skills are going to be used at every battle, nothing is left to chance or auto-combat (although there's an option for auto-combat, but it can only be used scarcely). Last but not least, Might and Magic Heroes Online looks amazing, with some truly stunning environment artwork filled with smooth animations and effects that bring the world to life, and the 3D characters are very well animated. All in all, a truly great blend of strategy and RPG with some MMO elements added to the mix and a respectful way of spending some time waiting for highly anticipated Might and Magic Heroes VII.

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