Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts | DEVELOPER: EA Sports | GENRE: Sports
THEME: Real Life | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Tiger Woods is a golf legend and an outstanding athlete that sadly was involved in a scandal of huge proportions. But that won’t diminish his feats in this demanding sport, and to play like him is nearly impossible.

Except in videogames, of course. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is a free sports MMO that can be played in your web browser, requiring no download whatsoever. You just need to have the Unity Web Player installed in your computer and you’re ready to enjoy beautiful and realistic 3D graphics. It’s also a game that can be enjoyed by fans and neophytes alike.

In Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online you get to create your golfer, train the diverse shots and practice as much as you can in the several greens. Only hard work will take you to the top, and becoming the next Tiger Woods is no easy task.

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