War of Legends

PUBLISHER: Jagex | DEVELOPER: UltiZen | GENRE: Strategy
THEME: Historical | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

War of Legends is the first third-party game published by Jagex, the studio behind the classic free MMORPG RuneScape. This is a free browser based MMO game set in a mythological ancient China. The greatest emperors enter a battle that will be marked in history. The player has to build and expand his mighty kingdom, dominating enemy territories and managing essential resources. There’s a focus on getting players to join, forming alliances and battling across a huge world map.

War of Legends is similar in theme to games such as Ministry of War, Castle of Heroes or Evony, requiring constant attention on its two main aspects – city building and combat. It all starts with the city development, and when the player reaches a certain level, it’s time for battles with powerful armies and weapons. A PvP option pits players and their respective Legends on mythical combat, aiming for attribute points for elements such as magic and strategy. The use of magic cards is essential for success, providing the user with some advantages or causing additional damage to the enemy.

Featuring vey colorful and detailed visuals and a clean interface, War of Legends still resembles a lot of free MMO strategy games. Even if at the start construction seems to flow well, it takes quite some time to build an imposing city. Then it’s time to perform some quests, enter the battlefield and so on. War of Legends features familiar gameplay mechanics, but never leaves its comfort area. When all is said and done, it’s a decent proposal.

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