Losing My Religion

Religion is everywhere in our everyday lives, but it’s not a very common theme in videogames. Besides the lone religious character or a group of Christians here and there, it’s still something that most developers shy away from.

But GodStoria: The Bible Online is all about religion, or so it would seem. Although we have some statistics about Faith and are able to choose our character from a few ancient looking portraits (Abraham and his descendants), the game is mostly of your typical city-building/resource management/army gathering kind, the same as other free-to-play games such as Evony or Travian. Is this the game it really should be? It’s only chapter one and there is clearly room for improvement, but is it playing it too safe so that it won’t get any unwanted attention? Should the subject even be tackled in videogames?

Editor’s note: which games with religious elements do you know? Have they been treated in a correct way or just created with the goal of getting some easy money?

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