The Fantasy MMORPG: Broken, beaten and scarred

A couple of days ago, Gala Networks announced Sevencore, a game they are selling as fusion fantasy. Translating, the game universe is composed by life forms such as creatures with pointy ears, but with a futuristic look to them – and heavy weaponry to match.

What new studio Noria is attempting here isn’t particularly new or exciting. We’ve seen it in Allods Online, or even in World of Warcraft. However, we can’t help but feel good when an MMORPG like Sevencore is announced. At least they’re trying to escape from the infinite boredom of two of the most exploited themes seen in the free-to-play genre: fantasy and Chinese mythology. I’m all in favor, although I’m still waiting to see someone develop the definite fusion-fantasy game. This would be one I would play… hell, I would probably even pay for it.

There are a lot of nice themes just waiting to be explored, some of them quite successful in the retail market. We need more post-apocalyptic games – Fallen Earth is turning free-to-play and that’s not bad, but we can’t wait for Interplay and Bethesda to settle their crap and finally develop a REAL Fallout MMO. And what about a horror MMORPG? Requiem: Memento Mori gets some things right, but where’s the competition?

I have no clue about what the future will bring. Are we going to see a deluge of fantasy MMOs for the next couple of years, or is someone developing the next big thing and everyone will copy… I mean, pay homage to that game? It’s hard to tell, but with the big players getting into the free-to-play industry with guns blazing (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Crytek, Valve…), everyone will have to step up their game to win a share of the profits. It’s likely that the isometric city-building template won’t last that longer, so start thinking about some way to impress us – you know, gamers, people with lots of money to spend on virtual items.

What about you? What kind of setting would you like to see in your dream MMORPG?

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    There’s a title called DarkBlood Online (refer: ). It’s a Korean developed mmo that might fit into the horrorgenre due it’s overall atmosphere and graphics. It’s only available in KR regions though.

    Korean Developers seem to be producing pretty nice titles with lesser or more.. but in every game at least a small twist. Sadly there’s just too few of them actually hitting the NA and EU markets. The GamePublishers should give more attention to them I think.

    Currently I’m playing Dragon Nest which is another korean title and even tough we’ve seen Real-Time Action Hack’n’Slash gameplay before in Vindictus (another korean title by the way XD suspicious :3 ) – DN caught me in front of my PC like when I first time played an MMO (was long ago – started out with Guild Wars)

    I’ve always been looking for something unique and the feeling of overwhelming power at your character’s disposal. Sadly as it is really just a few of the MMORPGs could accomplish that. In most I just felt the leveling kind of empty. Of course you got more and more skills available as you progressed but that progress haven’t actually felt that significiant when all you got was just another little flash on your weapon or palm. In Dragon Nest I finally fought what I’ve been looking for and even tough it’s a bit far from console titles like.. Disgaea for example where you could unleash such devestating powers that you could blow a whole planet away on the end of the game DN still does a decent job at providing more and more spectacular moves for your arsenal.

    Anyhow Korean MMOs made a hit into the MMO industry and they surely earned their place. We’ll see what future changes they bring to us and the how the other active MMO developer areas will reply for such challenges.

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