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Aima Wars Steampunk and Orcs Gameplay

Today I’m going to tell you about Aima Wars: Steampunk and Orcs, a new game that was flying under the radar until recently – pun intended. This truly is a game about flying, placing you at the helm of fantasy aircrafts as you fight to develop your settlement and expand your faction. It is an evolution of the concept created by developer DIP Online for Luckcatchers, and it is also set in a treacherous world where you get to be a pirate, trader, or whatever role you choose to play.

But first and foremost, full disclosure: this video is sponsored, so we’ll focus on the features of the game and hopefully you’ll enjoy what you see. If you do, you know how it goes: hit this link and you’ll be taken to the game download page.

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Let me start by saying that Aima Wars: Steampunk and Orcs isn’t a game aimed at the trigger-happy among you. It is a game that asks for your time and commitment in order to unveil its most intricate features. Granted, we didn’t reach the most thrilling parts of it yet, but we got to explore a bit of this world and the idea seems interesting enough to get a few players waging war up there in the skies.

First and foremost, you have to pick your side of the barricade. Will you fight for the Empire of People or the Union of Orcs? Your choice will determine where you begin your adventure and the type of shps at your disposal, but no matter what, you’ll enter a huge world comprised of several cities spread across a few islands, with a long-lasting territory war between the two factions. You are thrown into this warfare without many abilities or knowledge, but soon you’ll get to unlock new skills and become an active power in this conflict.

The interface looks a bit more complex than it actually is. Perhaps it looks a bit rudimentary for some players, but at least it does without all those unnecessary bells and whistles that can become distracting. Take your time to learn where all the important bits are, follow the tutorial the best that you can, and you should be ready to take to the skies in no time.

Aima Wars screen

Your first ship will take you through the dense, cloudy skies as you search for your role in the war. One of the vital aspects in the game is the resource war. You must collect resources such as coal, timber, iron ore, and the titular aima, among others, as both factions fight to dominate the richer regions. The resources that you successfully gather will be used to improve your settlement in many ways, from building better ship parts, armor, and weapons, to constructing entirely new and stronger aircraft.

You control your ship with complete freedom, as you tweak speed and altitude to your liking. While the ship moves slowly during the early stages, you’ll get access to faster and stronger ships as you collect resources and unlock skills. The skill tree is crucial to upgrade your character, as you gain access to new abilities in fields such as construction, ship control, and energy, among others. To mine resources or use the helpful shield and glide abilities, you spend energy. This steadily recovers over time, but the more you own, the easier it is for you to move and gather resources. Choose your skills wisely as there will be some tough choices ahead.

To unlock skills, you need to level up your character. You can do this by completing achievements, which could be simple tasks like extracting resources or shooting dragons, or tough ordeals like taking down enemy ships. You should go for the most obvious ones first, by collecting resources or shooting down dragons without second thoughts. These winged creatures don’t pose much of a challenge to your blatantly weak first ship, so don’t neglect to eliminate each dragon that looms on the horizon.

Aima Wars screen

You can choose between a few weapons for your ship, but firing is automated. This will leave you more time to properly maneuver your ship, sometimes making all the difference between life and death. Combat here isn’t so much about skill, but more about patiently researching the best weaponry and ships, and coordinating strikes with your friends when the time is right. Teaming up with guildmates will give you the upper hand, and Aima Wars is decidedly a teambased game, so avoid venturing into dangerous territory all by yourself.

There’s no denying that Aima Wars: Steampunk and Orcs is slow-paced by design, and that choice alone could be offputting for players looking for some immediate action. However, if you like the original fantasy steampunk setting and prefer to take your time to invest yourself in a new world, it could turn out to be a rewarding slowburn. It isn’t your usual guild conflict MMO, that’s for sure. Give it a go by using this link, and until next time.

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