Aion 6.5: Relic of Destruction Update – Ereshkigal Strikes Back

Aion 6.5: Relic of Destruction

When Aion’s 6.0 update A New Dawn arrived, the progression system for this MMORPG changed quite a bit, making it a lot faster to reach the higher levels. But when we talk about endgame in Aion, such as the level 80 gameplay that you can see below, things remain as thrilling and complex as ever – in fact, the new 6.5 update, Relic of Destruction, takes things up a notch. You can expect a couple of new PvE dungeons and a new PvP battlefield, along with other additions and improvements. If you want to play Aion or get back into the game, this is the perfect time – click the link in the description and you’re on your way.

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In case you are wondering about the player base – and you are, no need to deny it –, just look at this place. It’s extremely crowded, barely playable and all those names are confusing my brain. Wonderful, isn’t it?

To get the ball rolling I’ll start by talking about the new instances. The Hererim Mine is the first one that you should try. It’s available for level 80 players and you can go in with a group of six players or try your luck solo, although I wouldn’t recommend it – take at least one friend along for the ride. You can enter this instance from the Lakrum Garrison, and it is comprised of three areas: Gallery of Desire, Gallery of Obsession and Gallery of Jealousy. Each gallery has its own set of challenges to overcome, but mostly you must defeat some resilient bosses.

The Illumiel battlefield opens at set times to players of level 76 and above. Lady Lumiel created this training camp for the Asmodians to learn to react to distinct circumstances. Such as, you ask? Transforming into different animals right in the starting room before heading into battle. Be prepared to watch strongminded penguins slicing and dicing cute fluffy kittens and vice-versa because… well, everything is fair in love and war in Atreia.

Aion 6.5: Relic of Destruction Illumiel Battlefield

Illumiel supports up to three players in each faction and the goal is to either destroy the opposing faction’s statue or score more points than your rivals. You can do so by defeating other players or the AI-controlled guards and the tough Illusory Kunax. However, the big twist is that unlike other Aion battlefields such as the Runatorium, you are restricted to a handful of skills tied to your transformation. You need to master your class and find a good balance with your teammates, otherwise you won’t make the most out of this instance.

The third and final new instance is Senekta. This is a place of nightmares set deep within the Lakrum Fortress and is only open to alliances of up to 18 players who are brave – or foolish – enough to challenge the Dragon Lord Ereshkigal in a decisive battle. I couldn’t get very far in this instance, as my newfound Alliance buddies bailed out on me right at the start. The concept of defeating the four captains before fighting Ereshkigal sounds nighon impossible unless you have a full-fledged and balanced team. I’m no Aion expert, far from it, but this seems like a daunting task, only for the best of the best.

This update also brings new quests through the Pandora Offices, a transformation collection, new transformations, and a few new cool skills for each class.

The Aion: Relic of Destruction update is a nice addition to this classic MMORPG. There is plenty of new stuff to see and do, surely enough to keep you busy for weeks, or months even. If you are a real Aion expert and manage to show Ereshkigal who’s the boss, let us know!

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