ArcheAge Unchained Free Weekend Voucher and Gameplay

ArcheAge Unchained Free Weekend

Meow! How’s that for a feisty intro, guys? How are you all doing, hopefully you’re staying safe in these complicated times. Who would have thought that playing videogames would pretty much become a worldwide pastime, eh? Anyway, you’re watching my feline ArcheAge Unchained character, and a huge thanks goes out to gamigo for sponsoring the video and helping us let you know about the free weekend. Yay, free stuff!

You’ll find full instructions, the voucher code, and a link in the video description to access the free weekend, which runs from April 9 to 13. You can play it either on Steam or Glyph, and the three packs will be available at a discounted price until April 16. In case you decide to purchase ArcheAge Unchained, your progress will be kept, so play to your heart’s content during the free days.

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So, what is ArcheAge Unchained? Honestly, this is one of the best sandbox MMORPGs ever designed, giving true meaning to the definition of sandbox. While there are traditional challenges and quests to do, you can do so at your own pace, exploring the three huge continents and the vast oceans that make up the world of Erenor.

The adventure begins at the class selection screen, with several races and countless skillsets to try – there are 220 interchangeable classes that you can use by combining powers from 12 skillsets. Each one comes with a different gameplay experience, paving the way for unique combat strategies. Some combinations are more challenging to use than others, but also more rewarding in the long run, as you get used to the distinct skills that you steadily unlock. One of the latest skillsets added into the game is the Swiftblade, an assassin-type of class that is mostly aimed at expert players.

In case you are wondering about what’s so different between ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained, let me fill you in on the details. ArcheAge Unchained is a premium version of the original ArcheAge, removing most of the fears of pay-to-win and features that could potentially tip the scales in favor of players with deep pockets. You probably know them as whales by now, right?

So, with ArcheAge Unchained the plan is to buy the game and enjoy your adventure in a leveled playing field. The free weekend should give you an idea about what to expect, and that includes creating your own economy. You can craft, trade, build houses and ships, even castles if you become part of a devoted guild. As you can see, the world is very populated and there are many allies to join, as well as rival guilds to battle. I have participated in massive guild wars and let me tell you, nothing beats having a few friends by your side when push comes to shove.

ArcheAge Unchained free weekend voucher

With that being said, there is nothing preventing you to explore the land by yourself. I’ve completed many quests by myself, even carrying massive boxes on my back like I’m one of those food delivery guys, just because I’m cool and stuff. Nah, who am I kidding, it’s all about those precious experience points.

Thanks to a recent graphical revamp, ArcheAge remains one of the best-looking MMORPGs out there. As you can see by the close-ups, your character is gorgeous and so is the world around you. Each race begins the adventure in its own region, highlighting the contrast and the origins between them – the Elves live in a bucolic and wonderful forest, while the Warborn hail from an arid region that perfectly depicts their cold and practical nature. The world is tremendously diverse, and it has a lot to see and do, featuring land and air transportation systems that help you travel to distant places.

ArcheAge Unchained is a game that demands and rewards your undivided attention. With its sandbox nature, there are several paths that you can take and none of them are wrong, it’s all up to your actions. Check the link in the video description to enjoy the ArcheAge Unchained free weekend and experience the depth and freedom of this game. And if you see a cat-like elf barely covered with bandages, remember to stop and say hi – just make sure that you come in peace, or else you’re going to feel the power of my paws of fury! Have fun!

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