Archer Cat 2 Gameplay Impressions

Archer Cat 2 Gameplay Impressions

Are you up for some fun and addictive gameplay that will help you kill some time? If you like cats, then this may be a plus, as this new game is called Archer Cat 2. We were invited to give it a shot and it turns out to be a game where time will fly by if you give it a chance. Easy to play and engrossing, you can start downloading right now by using the link in the video description. But stick around, as I’m going to show you some gameplay twists and turns to get you in the mood.

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While I’m all for deep and complex MMO experiences, I love taking a bit of time-off to play some addictive and quick-to-the-point games on the side. Archer Cat 2 is one of those, and while I’m more of a dog person, I’m also a fan of cats, so no complaints there. This game scratched that itch and then some, being the kind of experience where you always go for just one more round. There’s a story about how cats and witches are now at war, and it’s up to the cat archers to protect their kingdom and stop the invasion of many different enemy types.

This is a casual shooting game that is perfect to kill some idle minutes when you’re commuting or just bored, but that doesn’t mean that the easy gameplay won’t turn into a lot more than minutes. It’s engaging and it gets better as the enemy diversity grows and you find yourself trying to pass just one more wave. There’s no big secret to the design; it’s just well-rounded and polished to make you feel a sense of achievement when you clear another level.

Playing it is extremely simple – since it is displayed in portrait mode, you can use your hand to effortlessly play the game by tapping and dragging on the skills and enemies. Those who are used to these games about timing and conquering wave after wave will feel right at home, but new players can also dive into it without wasting any time. Some of you surely know how some of these games start by looking like a simple distraction but then end up by convincing millions of players all over the world.

But let me describe the mechanics a bit. The titular cat will shoot arrows at the incoming enemies, and you can pick the targets. However, it’s by using the various skills that you can get ahead, as the initial firepower won’t cut it. From bombs to lightning bolts and freezing, there are quite a few on offer, some of them more adequate to a specific type of enemy. But there’s more: once in a while you’ll pick up an ability out of three, upgrading it later or selecting additional ones. This adds towers, bouncing balls, extra arrows, more damage, and other options into the mix, making for some quite chaotic battles, but you need to keep an eye out for mana, as each skill cast uses some. It’s automatic only on the surface because you must intervene if you want to win.

Despite the feeling that the kingdom is about to burn, using these skills and abilities will make the waves go down in numbers, ultimately providing you with chests and other rewards that you can use to level you your cat gear – yes, there’s that – and dress up your cat in different outfits. It’s all about getting stronger to face the baddest enemy waves, but if your cat can look even cuter while doing it, why not? Aww, just look at how cute he is…!

While going through the different maps and earning rewards, there’s also the idle reward system that will get you some gold and upgrade materials even if you’re not playing, so it’s not like you will be stuck in one point without a chance to proceed. Just come back the next day, grab your loot and upgrade the cat’s gear. Easy as catnip.

I guess I have covered most of the basics of Archer Cat 2. It’s an addictive casual shooting game that can be relaxing but also very challenging as you progress, and it can be played for a few minutes or an hour each day, depends on how you like it. Grab the game by using the link in the video description, dress up your kitten, and go show those witches who’s the boss.

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