Baseball Superstars 2021 Gameplay Impressions (Baseball RPG)

Baseball Superstars 2021 Gameplay

I have to tell you that I feel somewhat cheated, albeit in a good way. You know why? Because we were sponsored to show you a game called Baseball Superstars 2021 and ended up with a crazy, bold clash of super warriors that just happen to be playing baseball. It’s like the cast of Dragon Ball decided to go full-on sports mode, and I’m not complaining. I was genuinely surprised because I wasn’t familiar with this long-running series from Gamevil and I’m not the greatest fan of the sport, but I’ll be damned if this insane mix isn’t a lot of fun. This is a great time to jump in, because the 2021 season has just started, so hit that link in the video description to get going. If you log in now, you get the following bonuses to start on the right foot: up to 220 Trainer Recruits, King Tiger and Costume, and an Ultra Rare Trainer Select Ticket. You can watch our Baseball Superstars 2021 gameplay below, but keep reading.

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To be honest, it’s not the players themselves that are the outrageous characters of the game. This role falls upon trainers, of which there are over 200 right now. You can easily recruit tons of them by selecting from different normal, premium, and friend banners, and in no time you’ll have a few dozen trainers of diverse visual styles and backgrounds. I surely wasn’t expecting to see Bastet making an appearance, but she is just one of many characters that are here to lend you a hand. You can find anything from robots to death metal goblins, stone golems, aliens, androids, and more waifus than you can shake a baseball bat at.

What is the deal with trainers, anyway? Well, they’re the core of the hero collector RPG aspect in Baseball Superstars 2021, but there’s more to it than that. For one, they have these brilliant super skill animations that will delight you while smoldering your rival, hence my initial anime show comparison, and I can’t get tired of seeing these new moves. But trainers aren’t just cosmetic; they are extremely useful in your race to the top of the leaderboard since they give you several bonuses. You can start your acquaintances via the My Player mode, where you can assign a deck of trainers to your character as you go on fulfilling missions and chatting with NPC trainers – it almost feels like Animal Crossing, if this one had baseball bats and anthropomorphic characters. Well, on second thought…

Occasionally, you get to pick from various dialogue choices, and you may have to answer some quizzes as well. Several events will help you grow your affinity with trainers, recruit partners, and so much more. All in all, it’s an engaging mode that should be your starting point in this game. It feels like baseball mixed with adventure, with the aim of customizing your player from start to finish, including skills and gear. When you’re done, you can place him in your team and start customizing another player, and another, and another. This is an involved and interesting way for you to build your dream team, choosing roles and specific skillsets, if you take the time to do so.

Apart from the My Player mode, there are other options including Season, PvP, and more. Some of the daily challenges involve a slew of gameplay mechanics such as flying catching, which although simple, are nice for a change of pace. There’s no shortage of game modes to keep you busy for sure.

There’s some degree of customization to your character and additional team players. While the actual number of options is limited, allowing you to change the appearance of every player in the team is a nice touch. Besides, choosing your uniform and emblem is appreciated as well. The cartoon graphics are cute and colorful, catching the eye of a broad range of players, and with nice details that liven up the atmosphere – for example, it was fun to see a few brawls between players as the batter was hit with the ball by the pitcher. Just walk it out, man.

But what about the actual baseball? It’s not terribly deep, but it offers enough options to keep you challenged and enthusiastic. Pitching and batting are simple mini-games where timing is crucial, and the difficulty depends on your choice of easy or advanced control modes. Batting can be a matter of timing your swing, but in the advanced mode you must also select an area to aim your bat. Pitching is all about aiming at the red squares of the strike zone, mainly corners, to make those balls impossible to hit. Occasionally you can use your super skill to bat or pitch in a supercharged way, leading to those cool animations that would make any Super Saiyan proud.

Baseball Superstars 2021 is a very enjoyable game that may present itself in a shiny sports clothing, but it offers different RPG mechanics that lead to a diverse, all-purpose package. It’s aimed at fans of baseball, hero collector games, and anyone who enjoys family-friendly games. By now it has tons of content to keep you busy, the gameplay is accessible but can be challenging if you go for the advanced mode. Start swinging right now by hitting that link in the video description and shoot for that home run!

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