Black Desert Online 4th Anniversary Celebration PLUS $50 STEAM CARD GIVEAWAY!

Black Desert Online 4th Anniversary

Today I want to share with you a few facts on Black Desert Online, because this game is celebrating its fourth anniversary and we’re celebrating in this sponsored video! Champagne! Fireworks! Cake! And what is that I hear? Steam gift cards? That’s right, we have some Steam gift cards for a giveaway, so stick with us for a while if you want to learn more.

If you still haven’t surrendered to this stunning MMORPG because it costs 10 whole dollars, hear me out. That link in the video description is going to allow you to play a free 7-day trial, so give it a go, it is going to help you make up your mind. Every future update to the game is free, and there are tons of them coming out regularly, so it surely won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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In just four years, Black Desert has changed quite a bit and even got a big visual remaster. One of the highlights of the game is the number and diversity of classes you get to choose and customize. I’ve tried most classes and even gave a few of them their well-deserved nicknames. You see, to me the Sorceress is always going to be Megan Fox, the famed actress who has already professed her love for the game and how much she plays it. The Wizard is Gandalf for sure, although I don’t know if he’s grey, white or whatever color because my Lord of the Rings knowledge isn’t that extensive. Legolas joins him as well, and I’m also a big fan of the Pokémon trainer, although she only manages to summon a single Pokémon to the fight.

The latest star is the Guardian, the 19th class and quite a detour from the previous one, the cute and bubbly Shai. The Guardian is a rough and tough female warrior with… hm… quite some muscular thighs, something that resulted in an endless stream of “thicc” comments all over the web. I don’t know how she manages to run and fight in those high heels, but I guess anything goes for style. The Guardian was clearly the subject of a warm reception, proving that new classes remain a highly desired asset for Black Desert players. Any thoughts on who is coming next?

There isn’t much more for me to say about the character creation in Black Desert, which provides an almost infinite amount of options for you to mess about. You’ve probably seen some celebrities recreated with this creator, showing that there’s very little that you can’t do with it. Is it the best character creation ever designed for an MMORPG? Well, you can do this and that, so that’s a plus right there. But more seriously, the results clearly speak for themselves, don’t you think? Billie Eilish would approve for sure, right before feasting on your soul. Or something like that, I haven’t really met her.

Black Desert Online 4th Anniversary Guardian class

I can’t praise the combat enough. I’m a big fan of diversity in games, but I think that we would all be delighted if every MMORPG featured an action combat system like the one in Black Desert. It’s not that it just looks good – in fact, it looks amazing, at times like a magnificently choreographed dance –, but also has tons of depth and strategies for you to discover. Now let me be entirely honest here – I’m not speaking as a PvP pro or an endgame player with hundreds of hours of playtime. My opinion is solely based on countless hours of gameplay, but I’m the kind of player that actually tries to draw some enjoyment from his games, instead of rushing through content.

For example, I love roaming the open world without a care, discovering new breath-taking sights. Black Desert quenches my thirst of freeform MMORPGs where I couldn’t care less about saving the world – I’ll just go where I want to and leave the fame and fortune for others. Going for a swim, furnishing my house, climbing the highest mountains, and picking up my jaw from the floor after discovering cities like Calpheon or Valencia. How they managed to make this sprawling open world without a single loading screen can only be attributed to witchcraft. Or some lean and mean coding skills.

The landscape has changed a bit since the Great Expedition update launched in October 2019. Velia is now a busy fishing city with ships stretching as far as the eye can see, further proof that the face of the game is changing with every new update. Some places really feel alive, with busy streets and caravans rushing everywhere, and it looks like many players really enjoy their fishing.

Black Desert is the MMORPG that I play when I want to give my eyes and ears something to relish. It’s a beautiful, rich game that remains unrivalled in many aspects, four years after its launch. And for that I wish you a happy birthday, Black Desert, here’s to many more years of adventures, new classes and game-changing expansions. As for the Steam gift cards giveaway, you need to check the video description for the relevant info. If you want to dive into Black Desert, remember that the link in the video description gives you a free 7-day trial, and believe me, you won’t regret it.

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