Black Survival: Eternal Return Anime Battle Royale Impressions

Black Survival: Eternal Return Anime Battle Royale

Today we want to tell you about Black Survival: Eternal Return, an upcoming anime battle royale game that looks like it could be a lot of fun. However, before that we’re going to let you in on another game, a casual title to kill some time, called Bricks Breaker Quest. This game is sponsoring the current video, so we thank them for their support and still had a lot of fun playing it. If you like this kind of addictive, straightforward games, the link is in the video description.

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Bricks Breaker Quest is the kind of game that is perfect for a quick fix. It starts as something that could pass off as a mere curiosity, but quickly becomes addictive with its simple breed of gameplay and challenge. It’s great fun for adults and younger players as well, you can play it on tablets, it’s made for comfortable one-handed play, and it’s free, so you can jump right in without hesitation. It’s also great that it supports offline play, so you won’t be constantly nagged by those ads that keep popping up all the time in other mobile games.

Bricks Breaker Quest is a sort of evolved Arkanoid, for those who remember the arcade classic. You must destroy bricks, but instead of ball or two, you use tons of them. There’s some thinking involved as you plan the routes ahead, although luck often plays an important role as well. You have hundreds of stages… scratch that, you have thousands of stages to beat, granting that this is game that will last you a long time. There are several kinds of balls to purchase, featuring different shapes and sizes, but you can get them with the rubies that you earn by playing.

While this is a game best suited for short gameplay bursts, you know, when you are commuting or something like that, there is also a competitive side to it, with a multiplayer mode. Bricks Breaker Quest also supports leaderboards and achievements in case you want to track your feats. Download the game using the link in the video description and you’re ready to go.

Black Survival: Eternal Return Anime Character Selection

And now onto Black Survival: Eternal Return. This is the sequel, or evolution of the original Black Survival game released in 2015. It was one of the weirdest, most original battle royale games ever, putting you in a fixed first-person perspective as you explore the island, craft items, and battle nine other players.

The upcoming game brings some familiar faces but makes it full 3D with a top-down perspective. It reminds me a lot of HeroWarz, with really colorful characters made in a great anime style. For now, there are only six to choose from, but each one comes with a unique visual style and set of weaponry, so the choice isn’t immediately obvious. I can see many players falling for Fiora, the swordswoman with the one-legged pants, but Magnus is bound to become a fan favorite as well, thanks to his huge hammer. In the end, it depends on which character is more suited to your preferred playstyle.

The recent alpha only lasted for a few days and didn’t make it easy to find a match, so players sometimes had to resort to good old bots to test the waters. Hey, at least these bots aren’t pretending to be real people like the ones in Mario Kart Tour, so that is a plus in my book.

Black Survival Eternal Return Anime Bow and Arrow

Black Survival pits 15 players against each other in a battle for… you know, survival. All players start on an even footing, stripped of any abilities and items. You must scavenge the areas for items to craft high-ranking armor and gear, as you fight mobs and level up your stats – the more you move, the faster you’ll run, and the more you fight, the better you’ll get at it.

You can hide on bushes to surprise your enemies, making the jump when they least expect it, all the while making sure that you don’t stay in an area that is going to be restricted. It’s a straightforward and effective approach that doesn’t bring anything groundbreaking to the genre, but it comes with a charming anime style.

The exclusive point-and-click controls take some getting used to, as I would personally prefer WASD movement. It’s up to personal taste but keep that in mind.

Black Survival: Eternal Return has a January 2020 release date, and let’s hope that it becomes a breath of fresh air in the battle royale genre.

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