Blade Idle Gameplay Impressions and Hot Hot Summer Event

Blade Idle Hot! Hot! Summer Event

Today I want to bring you another suggestion for those busy times when you want to have fun with a game without being too hands-on – that game is Blade Idle, an RPG from Mobirix, the makers of one of my favorite time-killers, Bricks Breaker Quest. We were invited to give Blade Idle a shot and right in time for the game’s latest event – more about it in a bit. In the meantime, give it a go by downloading with the link in the video description.

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First of all, and this is straight up a personal opinion, the Idle moniker may be a bit deceiving. Yes, you can and should let your character slash all those monsters by himself. However, you have so much to do in order to upgrade him that idling isn’t exactly what you’ll be doing the most. There’s so much to character growth that you’ll be tapping left and right while the game is on: stats, experience levels, skills, hero advancements, equipment, accessories, pets, relics, and so much more that I’m yet to unlock.

But then again, you can look away and put Blade Idle on repeat and you’ll amass tons of gold and experience – that’s where the idle part truly shines. No need to get into the game – log in after a few hours and you have plenty of resources to upgrade your hero, pull a few more summons and go the extra mile. That’s a process as simple as it is addictive, and hours fly as I get another chapter done. Apparently there’s very little difference between the amount of rewards that you get either online or offline, so your progress rate should be steady.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. Blade Idle is the story of your average herb collector who just so happens to stumble upon a legendary sword and becomes a legendary hero. Sounds like a regular day, right, guys? You will crush your way through dungeons, raids, and dozens of chapters from the main campaign, each one in a different zone – for the sake of it, I’ve counted, there are 54 chapters right now, each with 50 stages. Sounds like a job for the best warriors.

The graphics in Blade Idle are to my liking, with detailed hand-drawn backgrounds and smoothly animated 2D characters moving around in a cartoonish way. Despite being cannon fodder, most of these creatures are cute and you wonder why they are attacking you. At least, some of them can be on your side as you unlock pets, another system to help you grow. Besides giving you a tiny cute companion, pets come with individual effects, and including specific pets in the same party grants additional boosts. There’s a whole web of stats powering the game that only the best players will be able to fully utilize.

Growing your character is a winding road, with various paths for you to choose. Are you going to focus on your attack power, or spend your hard-earned stat points on increasing the drop rate? Which active and passive skills are you going to upgrade? Should I boost my relics for extra speed or experience points? At the end of the day, when you’re way over character level 200, your build is already way different from what other players have achieved, and that will be put to the test in PvP.

Dungeons are the places where you can farm specific resources. Each dungeon comes with a different type of big, bad guy, and rewards. You can get diamonds, pet shards, enchant stones, assorted treasure, and the like: this is where you go when you’re craving for those materials to get a definite boost to your character. Obviously, each level is increasingly harder, especially the tight time limit, but these aren’t meant to be completed in a rush.

And now for the upcoming event which is called Hot! Hot! Summer Present. I don’t know the details, but I do know the rewards that players will be shooting for: 10,000 Diamonds, 50,000 Enchant Stones, and 20,000 Option Enhance Stones. That should be enough for dozens of pulls and upgrading your weapons, armor, and the like. The event is going to run from July 19 through July 30, and the prizes will come to you via in-game mail, so don’t forget to log in during this timeframe and reap the rewards.

Blade Idle is the kind of idle RPG that is perfectly executed. You can have it running and taking care of all the leveling up details for hours, or you can just leave it on while you do some work or enjoy other game – in fact, you can leave it off and you’ll progress as well. It’s uncomplicated and yet still deep enough to keep you busy, fun but equally challenging in equal measure. Blade Idle is available in eight different languages, and since I know some of you are adamant in playing in your native language, this is something that I wanted to mention. If you’re a fan of the genre, give it a shot by downloading the game using the link in the video description, and good luck becoming the most epic herb collector there was.

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